When Melissa Kahn first began running, she had a lot to carry.  She had the physical weight of obesity and the emotional weight of a dysfunctional childhood. Her friend, in light-hearted jest, told Melissa, “RUN, HEIFER, RUN!

With those words, an idea was sparked. Melissa, a lifelong foodaholic, decided that no matter what, she would keep on running, even if she carried with her all of those extra pounds and baggage. She started Run, Heifer, Run as a way to connect with others struggling to establish healthier habits with similar struggles:  food addiction, extra weight, sedentary lifestyles and the belief that a person with an extra hundred pounds couldn’t possibly hit the pavement and run a block let alone a half-marathon and beyond!

Five years later, and one hundred and ten pounds lighter, Melissa is still running. In fact, she’s biking, swimming and weight training, too. It hasn’t always been rainbows and sunshine (nothing ever is), but she has created a lifestyle that not only keeps her physically fit but also emotionally and mentally healthy. After losing the weight, Melissa became a brand ambassador for Jenny Craig, the program she used to help her drop pounds and develop an overall healthier lifestyle. With a commitment to exercise, a balanced diet and refusal to give up, Melissa tackled the heifer in the room and ended a life-long struggle with not just the number on the scale but those pesky voices in her head that told her she was destined to be fat and that she wasn’t worth much more.

When she kicks off her running shoes, Melissa is a mother to four teenagers, which means life is…..busy! Adding an airline pilot husband to the mix just ups the level of crazy chaos. Between keeping up with flight schedules, piano lessons, robotics clubs and school runs, Melissa balances mom-life, wife-life, work-life and her own life. The key is balance, in all things ...which means there are occasional Dairy Queen treats and more than a handful or two of Cheezits at times.  It’s all good.


Run, Heifer, Run is YOUR community to share your story, share your tips and, most importantly, connect with other people on the same journey.  We are a community of people who know the struggle and share the road to better health with our stories, experiences and laughter.

Most of all, RHR is about laughter. Melissa believes that if we can’t laugh at ourselves and cut the bull, we can’t become better versions of who we are and who we’re destined to be.


Welcome to Run, Heifer, Run……dig right in, and get involved! We're so happy you're here!




Below, you can watch one of Melissa's commercials that was produced for and used by Jenny Craig to promote the program. Most people are shocked to learn that they use REAL PEOPLE in their commercials! Melissa's as real as they come - here's the commercial: