Hey Heifers!  Two blog posts from me in one day!  Man, I'm on a roll!  I wish it was a cinnamon roll, LOL.  Anyway - wanted to ask you guys a favor if you have a minute and some good advice to pass along...

Over on the twitter page (@MelissaKahn7) we're just starting a new feature called #wordfromtheherd which includes words of advice on fitness, health, running, life, etc, from our favorite heifers (YOU GUYS!)

Do you have any tips to pass along, maybe something you wish you'd have learned early on in your health/wellness/fitness journey? Maybe something a newbie could find useful?

If so - either email it in to us here at Heifer Central (melissa@runheiferrun.com) or tweet it to @MelissaKahn7 so we can add it to our growing list!

Here's a quick example of how they look - and if you include your twitter handle in your email, we can link it back to your twitter.  They'll also post on our facebook page  in a slightly different order.

Send in your tips - and be proud to be part of this growing community of amazing heifers!

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