HEIFERS! RUNNERS!  Being that I'm still a relatively new runner (3 years and counting...) I'm late to the game. I realize that.   I mean, I'm 29... (ok ok not really, I'm in my mid 40s to be exactly unexact...)  Wait.  Why are we talking about my age?? Let's stop that.

I was happily twittering and tweeting away on Twitter a few days ago when I came upon something called RunnerBox.  I suddenly felt all tingly and super intrigued. A box? Like a makeup delivery service (think: Ipsy or BoxyCharm, both of which I may or may not subscribe to...)..but with all kinds of fun running stuff? Are you KIDDING me? This is the stuff (runners) dreams are made of.

So, yeah.  I gave in to peer pressure (really there was no pressure, it was me seeing their twitter handle for the first time and clicking them).. and I quickly grabbed my wallet, headed up into my office, and AAAAAAH.... I hit "add to cart!"

Oh. Em. Gee.

First of all, I tweeted to them how excited I was to get my first box.  They responded. Not five days later some automated crap. A real person, an actual person sitting at a keyboard, someone with a heartbeat, responded to me. That's rare these days, I think.  Not just that.  Three days later - the box arrived.

A+ for a great presentation, guys!

A+ for a great presentation, guys!

I can't lie -the rubbery water bottle intrigues me - I've yet to try it because it looks like a big condom.  I'll get past that though. I swear.  I think I'm afraid my running friends are going to make lewd comments to me while I drink from it.  But that's my issue, not theirs.  Or maybe I need classier running friends.  It's a really cool product, kind of squishy.  It's a Hydrapak brand (the hyperlink shows white, but mine is yellow/orange, pictured above)  It's valued alone at $18.99, making the box a really great value all on its own, given that the subscription is $20/box before shipping. 

Let's discuss a few of the other items, shall we?

would you LOOK at all this good stuff? Lawsy Mercy how did I not know about this delivery box before??!  You guys need to try it! (and NO they are NOT paying me, or ASKING me to say any of this, pinky swear)

would you LOOK at all this good stuff? Lawsy Mercy how did I not know about this delivery box before??!  You guys need to try it! (and NO they are NOT paying me, or ASKING me to say any of this, pinky swear)

Let's discuss this little green E-hydrate powder packet.  It's powdered GOLD I tell you, people, powdered gold.  I added a packet of this lemon-lime goodness to my bottled water this morning, and HOLY MOLY, I was good to go.  I don't run on Wednesdays until the evening - and i think this energy is gonna have me running a personal best tonight! It's very light-tasting, nothing too crazy strong, and was more like drinking a 7-up type drink than plain boring water.  Two thumbs way up. High five again, Runner Box!!!

I haven't tried all of the other products yet - but tonight I hope to bust out my condom bottle and take it for its inaugural run.

The other items I received were as follows :

FlyJoy Ancient Grain Energy Bar

Mocu Kombucha (this one scares me, I'm not gonna lie)

Phive Bar

Hippeas (I think I've seen this at Starbucks, so it had instant street cred with me, lol, because if the almighty Starbucks sells it, it MUST be good right?)

Evoke Foods Athlete Museli - this looks really tasty and I think would be amazing sprinkled on top of some Greek yogurt, and for only 160 calories, you can actually get quite a few servings out of this generously sized bag. I mean plus, it says ATHLETE.  They KNOW I'm an athlete. Bonus points for feeding my ego.

Growing Naturals Protein

E-Hyrate (which I already mentioned)

Fuel 100 Electro Bites (these were pumpkin flavored dry nugget type snacks. Texture may have been a little like Kibbles 'n Bits (don't ask me how I know this) but the taste was actually pretty decent.  Kind of like pumpkin spice kibbles n bits.  I would buy it again and it did give me a happy feeling in my tummy. 

UNREAL brand dark chocolate crispy quinoa peanut butter cup. Need I say more?

I'm already positive I made a good investment with Runners Box, and I am excited to continue trying the rest of the items.  The opinions here are mine - unsolicited, and unpaid.  If you're on the fence about this delivery, I say GO FOR IT! Great value and real, friendly people at the other end of the internet.

Heifer Grade: A+.   I'll report back on my next box when it arrives.

For a discount on your RunnerBox, use code RunHeiferRun when you checkout and receive 10% off!  Thank you RunnerBox!

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