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Ok Ok, I admit it.  I see something online, and I immediately fall in love.  I HAVE to have it. As in, it's screaming to me, "order me! order me NOW!"

This was the case with my new favorite running gear from Hashtag01 - I saw one of my cool Twitter friends sporting this gear over in the UK and I clicked on their website - and fell in love with their messaging.  Check it out:

Quoting from their website:

Hashtag 01 is an inspirational and innovative range of sports and lifestyle clothing. We believe that anything is possible and that success should be celebrated.

If you are taking on new challenges or proud of your achievements then why not show the world? Hashtag 01 is a motivational companion working with you to achieve your goals and to show those around you that you mean business. All of this is clear to be seen in our range of motivational clothing.

We aim to remind our supporting customers that they should aspire to be their very best, number 1 in every aspect of life. When you are proud of what you have achieved it should be displayed, and be recognised. You may just inspire those around you.

Hashtag 01 is a British brand focusing on UK based contacts to deliver the very best in sports and lifestyle clothing.

If you have a goal or dream you hope to make reality, go for it, be recognised and give it your best shot. Don't settle for second best. Be number 1, #01..

Now seriously - who can't get behind this message?! 

So, off I went to order a few items.  They have a woman's shirt and a beanie hat that I "had to have" - so you know the routine, click "add to cart..." and then see that they even offer free shipping (within the UK!) Damn. the one time I was excited for free shipping - but that's ok.  Totally worth the money.

I think I ordered these items on a Tuesday maybe.  By the next week, my post lady pulled up in her fancy USPS wagon, and waltzed to my door with a little plastic package.  Addressed to me! Yay! I was just happy it wasn't a bill, let's be honest.

I opened the package and found this:

What's this? A Bonus Hat??!

What's this? A Bonus Hat??!

I had ordered the women's shirt and the beanie cap, because who doesn't need one of these in the winter time? Phoenix gets downright FREEZING in the winter - I'm talkin' into the 30s.... (I see you all collectively rolling your Canadian eyes here.... ) and every decent respectable runner should have one... so yeah. I have one now.  They sent me this free moisture-wicking baseball cap too.  I love it. I mean I REALLY super duper love it.  I was their very FIRST United States client and I think they appreciated that, so they sent me a little love note explaining that the cap was their gift to me. 

Um.... personalized attention from a company all the way overseas, who probably figured you ordered on a whim? Yes please.  These guys clearly aced Marketing 101 and moved on into Stellar Customer Service.

I love the shirt - it fits perfectly ... one TINY issue is that the head hole is slightly small. Maybe I have a larger - than - normal head (oh come on, really now, maybe I do...could be all that hot air....) so I have to take off my glasses when I put the shirt on.  Otherwise, perfection. The beanie hat fits great as does the baseball cap, which is, of course, adjustable in the back.

I would highly recommend this company to anyone considering sporting this message and being part of a company that seems to have their finger pointed right where it should be.  Back to its amazing clients.

Thanks, Hashtag01 for these great items!  I look forward to wearing your gear for a long time!

This Heifer gives these products a thumbs up!

This Heifer gives these products a thumbs up!

For anyone interested in being a badass and sporting some Hashtag01 gear, you can use discount code KAHN20 and enjoy a 20% off discount off of ALL products. 

And no, they didn't pay me to say that, and yes, I paid for these clothes.  So these opinions are totes legit and not purchased.

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