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There I was.  Sitting at my desk, happily twittering away. It's what I do these days.  I run, and I tweet. About running.  Then I run some more.  And maybe throw in a gym sesh here and there too (ok to be honest, a few times per week, let's not downplay the importance of a good cross-training day). 

I "met" this person online - another workout fiend.  Said he had some stuff he wanted me to try.  Sounded a little sketchy. Last time someone wanted to give me some stuff... well, it ended badly. hahaha ok I made that part up.  I thought it sounded funny. It probably did, but let's move on.

He asked for my address, so naturally I gave him the address of my least favorite aunt in town, and then he sent me this package.

3 different flavors of "Energy Drinks" plus a bottle of special wataaaaah

3 different flavors of "Energy Drinks" plus a bottle of special wataaaaah

Now, being somewhat new to the world of fitness and health, I consider myself to be fairly clueless. I'd never heard of this stuff before. To borrow a line from my friend Stew, I thought the word stark was always followed by the word Naked (anyone who wants to book him for standup, hit me up for his digits, he's available most weekends and every other Tuesday).

I was skeptical, I can't lie. I'm a skeptical person by nature.  I trust nobody until you've proven you're trustworthy.  I know, I can't help it.  But I'm from Philly. It's engrained in my personality.  LOL

I refridgerated them per his instruction and the next morning I pulled one out to try. It was the red one (not sure the flavor, sorry). It was pretty fizzy, which threw me off a little bit, because I do fasted cardio in the mornings - nothing in my belly.  It makes me sick if I eat or drink pretty much anything prior to working out.  But I wanted to give it the old college try.... I drank half the can and that's all I could manage before the fizz made my belly feel too full to workout.

I actually DID feel pretty decent during my workout - whatever magical things they put in there (read about stark HERE) ... I think it was pretty good!

I tried the blue can this morning - it was quite a bit flatter (which I was good with) and the energy I felt was noticeable.  I did not drag during my morning workout like I normally would have - and for that, I'm thinking, the drink helped.

Their website says: 

Who should take Stark Energy™?

Anyone who wants to support mobility,promote healthy joint tissue, recover from minor pain associated with exercise, caffeine consumers or those seeking a natural energy source should drink Stark Energy™. For example: Anyone who leads an active lifestyle and Elite athletes, such as collegiate and professional competitors, who place heavier wear and tear on their bodies.* You should not take Stark Energy™ if you are pregnant or nursing. Those sensitive to caffeine should not consume either. Consult with your personal health care professional before consumption, especially if you have any pre-existing medical conditions or are taking any prescription medication.

At this point - I'd give it two thumbs up.  The orange logo can is sweetened with Stevia, so zero carbs and zero sugar, only 5 naturally occurring calories. The red & blue logo cans are sweetened with beet sugar, so 2g carbs and 1g of sugar and 10 calories. Red & orange are the same flavor (cran-grape) with the only difference being the sweetener. Blue is blue raz. Each have the same proprietary blend which includes turmeric to fight inflammation and glucosamine for joint health. Only 83mg of caffeine, which is less than a cup of coffee. Can be a pre-workout for energy or post workout for recovery (or both ).  As an athlete, I can certainly appreciate any more anti-inflammatory help I can get.  Who's with me?

They have a similar-to-Gatorade powder coming out - check this out.  So if you're in the market for 'not your typical energy drink' and don't want that red-bull mess, I recommend giving this a try.

This one I'm excited to try!

This one I'm excited to try!

I was not paid or compensated to write my opinion - these are my own thoughts. I was sent the product for free, to try, but the opinions, words, thoughts, and bad humor are all mine.

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