#MondaysWithMelissa - on the Average Annual RainFall in the Brazilian Rain Forest

Oh Heifers!  I love you guys! Seriously.  Over on twitter, I have the BEST tweeps ever.  Runners, comedians, writers, athletes, triathletes, and everyone in between.  In the early days of my twitter, about 7 months ago, I really wasn't sure what to make of it. It felt so anonymous and WEIRD to me.  Fast forward to now, and I absolutely LOVE it. Truth be told, I love it more than Facebook.  For realsies.

My twitter friends have a great sense of humor.  A few weeks ago, my twitter BFF @DaddyIsBest tweeted out a question for me to answer on my Monday videos.  I am pretty sure he was mocking me (this is happening more and more, LOL) but it was a legit question so I answered it for him (neener, neener, NEENER!!!)

In seriousness, Jeff is a great guy.  Go follow him, right after you watch this very informational 2 minute video on the Amazon Rain Forest. And tell him I sent ya!



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