Long Time No Moo!


It’s been a while since I’ve posted – and I have promised y’all a RACE UPDATE from the Lincoln Half Marathon (which was cold, wet, and very windy).  I’ll get to that in a separate blog post, which I hope to also post tonight! (oh me, oh my… TWO blog posts in one day? Lawsy Mercy! Y’all are going to be busy heifers reading all my ramblings).

Have you guys been to the website www.connectwithlife.com?  It’s a great website with a mega-ton of great information on … well, on life.  There’s weight loss, there’s exercise, there’s dating and relationship advice, healthy/nutrition, and probably a REALLY COOL few blog posts on yours truly, the heifer!

I was super-duper excited because after doing two interviews with the amazing folks there (links are below), they asked me to guest blog for them.  Me! Little old me?!!! They thought I was funny … not just funny looking.  That’s huge.  In my best Sally Field voice “You like me! You really like me!”

(sidenote, check out those arm muscles! Nice, Sally! Nice!)

Here are those promised links.  Read them in order.  I’m wearing my bossy-pants today, sorry. Read this one:


then this one:


(Are you sick of me yet?  Did you read them in order? DID YOU?)
I hope maybe you’re inspired.

Both articles are stuff I’ve already shared with y’all, but I was so excited to be featured and I wanted to share in one blog post so all the links were together.

THEN…areally cool thing happened.  They asked me if I’d be interested in guest blogging for them. Little old heifer me.  So, of course I jumped on that like a cowgirl onto a heifer (wait, do cowgirls ride heifers? I dunno.  I guess cowgirls ride horses, eh?) I should really ask The Pioneer Woman for her advice.  She knows this stuff, I’m sure of it.  I know nothing of what cowgirls ride.  Although I do own a really cool pair of cowgirl boots.  Maybe they’re just called boots though? I really need to spend some time with Bob Evans (yanno, down on the farm).

I digress.  Anyway – I was all over it so…. without any further adieu from you or you or you (I’m punchy today and rhyming #likeaboss) Here’s the link to my blog post on how to eat out, at a restaurant, without blowing your calorie intake for the whole day in one appetizer.  It’s meant to be easy to read, digest (see how I did that again?), and funny. I hope you think it’s funny.  Because if I don’t have the funny, I got nothing.


(the actual link in case you need to copy and paste is

I’ve been asked to come back yet again and guest blog a little bit more, and I will share those links as they’re published.
It’s really fun and I’m so excited to be a part of a great community full of health, fitness, and life enthusiasts.

Life is great, heifers! MOO!


I’ll be back soon with the Lincoln Half Marathon Race Report, which is full of insanity, hail, ice, wind, rain, earth, fire, and a little bit of carb-loading. Ok, fine.  A lot of carb loading.

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