NATURAL SLIMMING PILLS – “ask the heifer”

Happy Monday, Heifers!

Some of y’all may be aware but I think many of you aren’t – I do a video feed every Monday on twitter called #mondayswithmelissa (aka “ask the heifer”) and I share them on the facebook page, too.  Today I received a great question from a fellow twitterverse woman and I wanted to share my video because I feel pretty strongly on this one.  She asked about the use of “natural slimming pills” and I got so excited I started foaming at the mouth.  Ok probably not so much foaming, but it did get me all nutso.  Here’s the video.  Sorry for the fast talking – I had a 2 minute-ish time limit to post to twitter so it had to be quick and to the point.

Click here for the super-mega heifer video (ok really it’s just over 2 minutes long) – and no judging.  My hair is nuts today.

Enjoy the video – and if you’re so inclined, feel free to share.  Shout out to me on twitter if you’re there – @MelissaKahn7or head on over to the Run, Heifer, Run facebook page and “like” it for daily articles, tips, and fun!  And of course you are ALL welcome to email me anytime at !

Have a great week!

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