Ditching The Dead Weight and Mooooo’ving On


If you read my last post (here) you’ll be up to date and know why I’ve been scarce around these parts.  Today is a big anniversary.  It’s been two years.  Two years since my first half marathon.  Two years since that Nebraska heifer, Erica, challenged me to the run of a lifetime (hey, when you’re ::coughcough:: early 40s and full of arthritis, tendinitis, etc. a half marathon IS the run of a lifetime)…so yeah….anyway…. it’s been two years since that crazy & amazing day.  And those amazing cookies we ate afterwards. (I digress)

That day I accomplished my goal and decided I loved the pain.  LOVED it.  Why do people love running? I don’t know.  I hate running.  Seriously.  It sucks.  Every step hurts.  Every step reminds me that my body ain’t 22 years old.  But I love it.  (I hate it).  I love it.  It’s awful.

Here’s some ofwhat I’ve accomplished in the last two years.  For some of y’all, this is 1/10th of what you’ve accomplished (which, in that case, HUGE congrats to you because you’re a freaking rock star).  But for me, the sub-par formerly obese athlete, this is a pretty big deal and represents many ice packs, doctor appointments, ice baths, whining sessions, and lots of gross sweat.


In two years of running “for fun” — I’ve learned a few things.  I’ve learned that you gotta ditch the dead weight.  In every part of your life.  DITCH the weight.  Running allows you to really think about things, because who wants to hear themselves breathe heavy for miles at a time (well, ok, if you do, that’s kind of odd, but hey, I’m not here to judge you).  For me, that’s not an option, so in between trying to catch up with Kellie (who I run with most of the time) and Amy aka “BINO” who also runs with us… I get lots of thinking done.  Running is a good metaphor for life.  Ditch the dead, excess weight.  Ditch the bad habits.  Ditch negative self-talk and negativity in general.  Negative people in your life bringing you down? Ditch it all (except the patella tendon strap, never ever ditch the patella tendon strap). Do what makes you happy.  Surround yourself with people who BUILD YOU UP and people who SUPPORT you.  People who love you for your goals (shout out to my biggest supporter, David, who puts up with all of my craziness and never really rolls his eyes, he just asks all sexy-like“can I foam roll you, baby?”)


And just.keep.running.

Another thingI’ve learned is that your body will do AMAZING things if you ask it to.  If you train it, if you put in the time and effort, and if you allow it to thrive, not just survive, your body will take you to heights you’ve never known. Your body will downright SHOCK you.  Mine does, every time I swim, bike, or run.  (or do Common Core math, but that’s another blog post altogether)


Training for this triathlon has shown me all about that amazing body stuff.  Most recently, I’ve been diagnosed with rotator cuff syndrome (never knew that was a thing?), tendinitis and bursitis, all in the same shoulder (hey, JACKPOT, someone remind me to play powerball next time it’s respectable).  So, I find myself, just 18 days away, and I’m in PT and Active Release therapy several times per week.  Because who doesn’t love torture.  I’m the youngest one in each office by probably 40 years (makes me feel spry, I’m ok with that) and I love cracking jokes with these very cool, rad, rockin’ therapists and doctors who, instead of telling me, “STOP TRIATHLON’ing” are helping me work through the pain, the issues, and keep on going.  They’re showing me that even in the face of pain, adversity, and struggle, you keep going. You push through it, you do what you can when you can, and always do the BEST you can.  Because you deserve it. Your body deserves it.


Looking back on most of my adult life as an obese woman, I don’t know why it didn’t “click” sooner – the fact that I DESERVED to be healthy.  That I DESERVED to ditch all the dead weight.  The emo weight of an abusive childhood, the emo weight of a food addiction, the emo weight of never being good enough.  I can tell you now, having lived this “new” lifestyle now for about 5 years, there’s no going back.  There’s no more “not good enough” etc.  I may be a forever ‘back of the pack’ kinda gal, and I’m ok with that. (see previous post on that, here).  I’m ok with ALL of it, because I know at the end of the day, that I’m healthier and happier in every single way due to this crazy awesome LOVEITHATEIT insane new lifestyle.

All because my heifer friend Erica called me and said, “hey, let’s run a half marathon together.”  I hate love you, Erica.  Your challenge changed my life.

So, heifers…. keep your legs (what do cows have? Paws? Hoofs? I’m a city girl, I don’t know this farm crap) crossed for me in 18 days.  I’ll be up north TRI’ing and conquering my fear of open water swimming (really my fear is of open water drowning, but I don’t want to bring the mood down…) and my fear of not knowing how to change my flat bike tire, and my fear of my legs forgetting how to run, and all that stuff.  I’ll be ditching all that dead weight and enjoying every minute of that event, knowing that my body CAN do it.  It can do everything I ask it to, and if you ask me, that is REALLY cool.

If you need support, resources, or common core math pointers, feel free to email me melissafranklinkahn@gmail.com and I’ll get back to you asap.

Many thanks to so many of y’all who have reached out to me to share your stories, to share your struggles and successes, and have just wanted to say HEY!



Here’s my other half.  He’s the best “athletic supporter” ever.  haha see what I did there? It’s from a few months ago while we were in Hawaii.  I want to go back to Hawaii.  I think another trip to Hawaii would be a goodtriathlon-finishing gift, don’t y’all??!


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