#MondaysWithMelissa - on Motivation

Happy Monday, heifers!

Today's question comes from Maggie on Twitter, and she wanted to know what motivates me. I talked about this several months ago but since it was the next question up, I answered it.  Have a watch below.


Fear, Maggie. Fear motivates me every single day.  There is not a day that goes by, in the last 5+ years, that I wake up, KNOWING I've woken up as "healthy Melissa." I wake up every single day, sometimes in the middle of the night from a bad dream, and worry that I'm back to being FatMelissa.  UnhealthyMelissa.  The Melissa who couldn't make it up ONE flight of stairs in my own home, without running out of breath.

I eat every single meal with the question "will this help me get to my goal or set me back?" It's an obsession, if I'm gonna be honest.   Is it normal? Probably not.  But neither is being 110 pounds overweight.  Neither is not having enough energy to play ball with your kids. None of that is normal, and none of that is ok. 

Someone reading this hasn't yet begun their journey.  That's ok.  Someone reading this has had a bad day and needs to start fresh again tomorrow.  That's ok too.  Someone reading this is well on their way but having a rough patch.  We got you covered on that one too.  

The best part about being a Heifer and being a part of #theHerd is that there's someone here with YOUR experience, most likely.  We're all here to encourage, help, and make fun of each other in a light-hearted kind of way.  You guys, my Herd, y'all keep me grounded and focused on mooooving forward and progress, and help remind me that while fear is ok to feel, it's not ok to allow it to paralyze my efforts at continued health. 

I struggle just like everyone else.  We all do. It's what makes us human.  But how we deal with it - that's what sets us apart.

So THANK YOU, heifers, for helping me keep my own fear in check, and for sharing YOUR amazing stories with the world.  I love you guys!  Together, we are stronger.

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