Guest Blogger Stu is back....

Heifers! You guys remember our friend Stu, right? He's training for the esteemed Boston Marathon... his first guest blog post / marathon training update can be found HERE.  Well, he's back to update us on how his training is going. 

In sharp contrast to this heifer, Stu is a man of few words. :-) Here's his latest tale from Boston, and how his training is going: 

How is this for a view for a long run!! The Boston skyline on a beautiful Sunday morning! This 14 mile long run was the toughest yet! The run involved many long and difficult rolling hills up and around the blue hills reservation just outside of Boston. No training run for Boston should be without it. Since you last heard from me, I have been running almost daily participating in a winter warrior challenge through marathon sports in Boston. I have completed a 12 mile long run last weekend and now we are getting into the heavy lifting part of the training. 

So, besides running I have included some good cross training by continuing to do the HIIT class I've been doing along with a spinning class. I have also improved my nutrition by including more protein and less Peanut M&M's lol! Another important aspect is rest and I have done that one day a week by walking a mile to shake the legs out. 

Next weekend is the first of my training runs on the Boston course and will be sure to include several pictures. Look forward to my next update! Happy running!!


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