#MondaysWithMelissa - on my Core Values

Happy Monday, heifers!! It's that time again. MondaysWithMelissa!  This weeks' question came from a dear Twitter friend of mine, all the way in Japan.  Kenny is awesome. If you're on twitter, go follow him @Kenny0724 is his "handle" (I always think of some old 70s truck driving show when I use the word "handle" to describe someone's user name)

I digress.  What were we talking about? Oh yeah... Kenny wanted to know a few of my core values.  Hard to put into a 2 minute video, but I talked about a few main ones that have helped me lose 110 pounds and maintain it for over 5 years now.  The addition of running into my life has played a huge role in my ability to keep the weight off, and...to be honest, to stay sane.  

Here's the video, without further adieu.



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