Hey heifers!!! Happy Thursday.  Why isn't it Friday yet?  I woke up THINKING it was Friday, then BOOOOM, like a wave of arctic water in my face, it hit me ::: today's Thursday.  But guess what? All is not lost!

I want to tell you about a book I'm reading.  Check it out:

Every once in awhile a book comes around that not only entertains you, but also inspires you. My BFF Brian Burk, a 10 year Ultra-Marathoner,  has written such a book.

The story captures the connection between life, love, loss, and the battles within. The story also tells the tale of running away from your past and everything you’ve ever known,  to find yourself and your future.

Running to Leadville centers around a character, a fictional High School runner, who perhaps as a result of an absent father just doesn't fit in. During English class he meets a girl. This girl and their growing relationship help him discover who he is. He uncovers his love of long distance running and exposes a hidden talent. The years after reshape his life in ways he never thought possible nor could have ever seen coming. Running to Leadville is also a story about the rigors of the ultra-endurance world. Set on the stage of one of America's toughest Ultra-Marathons, the Leadville Trail 100. This race, affectionately known as the race across the sky, introduces to the reader to extreme adventure running. This story promises to take the readers to the highest peak of Hope Pass and the lowest of lows as doubting yourself emotionally and your ability to physically take the very next step.

Mostly, Running to Leadville is a story about running the race of your life, overcoming and finding the true YOU whom may have been hiding all along. Running to Leadville is about taking back your life. Brian's book is available on Amazon and Kindle.

You can also enter to win a free copy by sharing this post with a friend, following Brian on Twitter and liking his Facebook page, then comment below that you have done all three. Each action gives you one entry into the drawing.

Who IS Brian Burk, you ask? Let me break it down for you, heifer style.  Here's some 411 on my fellow Man-Heifer:

Brian Burk is an author, Ultra-marathon runner and a lives a life full of running adventures. Brian believes if you can’t win the race at least run the race in an epic fashion. Presently  he works as a Mechanical Skills Instructor with a fortune 100 company, living and working out of North Carolina and Virginia. Prior to his present position he retired from the United States Air Force after serving as a Senior Noncommissioned Officer (SMSgt).

During his 20-year military career, his travels had him living in five states. Brian also served tours overseas including a remote tour to Thule, Greenland and a combat tour in Northern Iraq. Prior to his military service, he spent time as a Real Estate Agent and Sales Associate at an auto parts store in Erie, Pa. Not a natural runner, Brian found his passion for running in his 30s. Since then his running career has seen him complete race distances from 5k to 100 miles in length all across the country and overseas. Although never gracing the winners podium, Brian has run the Grand Canyon, the length of the Outer Banks of North Carolina and sections of The Appalachian Trail. Likewise, his writing came on late. Brian could always tell a gripping story but found it hard to get it onto paper. Running to Leadville is his first novel although he has been published in national running publications, running theme blogs and his own blog at Follow Brian on Twitter and Instagram @cledawgs or like his page on Facebook.                       

It's a great read, heifers.  Here's the link to his page, you can order it from HERE. 

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