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Hey Heifers! I've been having some fun lately trying out all kinds of new products... I want to talk with you today about something I absolutely LOVE and can no longer live without. My life is changed for the better. THERE'S NO GOING BACK!

I received two boxes of Health Warrior bars to try - Dark Chocolate and Apple Cinnamon.  I can't lie. I was skeptical. I'm ALWAYS skeptical.  Y'all know that about me, but love me anyway.

Thank you for loving me anyway.  Everyone just wants to be loved, right?  LOVE ME!  See? I have issues. Just love me.


Let's talk about the bars. They're not huge.  As someone who's lost over 110 pounds and successfully maintained this loss for 6 years... I analyze every single thing that goes into my mouth. Sometimes I analyze Costco buttercream icing as I shove it greedily down my face.  It's just the truth.  I know a few of you who are nodding in agreement, so don't judge.

So when I saw these, I was intrigued because the bars are "just enough" - they satisfy your hunger but don't leave you overly full like some of the larger protein bars. I felt compelled to do research. I am happy to report that I can fit exactly TWO bars into my mouth and still be able to answer the phone when my kids call.  you'rewelcome.

Also - let's discuss chia.  You either love it or you hate it, I think, according to what I hear around town.  Yes. I'll randomly ask people, "hey, you... what do you think of chia?" Mostly, I get strange looks but OCCASIONALLY someone into FITNESS (not fitness whole bar into my mouth..) will answer my question authentically.  And the consensus is... you love it or you hate it.

I wasn't sure which camp I was in - I've tried it a few times in my smoothies, trying to look cool with the other yoga moms.... then I realized I'm NOT cool like the other yoga moms. I don't have a messy bun done up just right... my butt doesn't look great in those yoga pants. I'm the reason people say LEGGINGS ARE NOT PANTS!  Legit. I am.

ANYWAY, where was I? 

Oh. The bars...I opened the dark chocolate bar first. I mean, who doesn't like a good dark chocolate flavored bar.  It was delicious.  Tasted kind of like a cookie, but with little chia bits that stay in your mouth for at least an hour after you eat it.  (Just being honest). It's the gift that keeps on giving.  You need a toothbrush after eating these bad boys.  TOTALLY WORTH IT.

The bars satisfy you perfectly. Not too big - not too little. Just right. I have begun eating one before my gym workouts as well as in between meals when I'm hungry and don't have time to prepare something fresh.

Let's have a look at them, shall we?


Yummy goodness.

Yummy goodness.


Here's a little info from their website, on the bars: 

Good source of fiber

•4-5g unrefined sugar

•100 calories

•100% real

•100% filling

•100% vegan

•No gluten

•No soy

•No dairy

I have to wholeheartedly agree with others who love these bars.  I didn't want to love them.. because I had a "favorite" go to bar.  But I fell in love with these.  And I've changed my facebook status to "in a relationship with..." Health Warrior bars. 

Do yourself a favor, heifers.  Get some.  So many flavors from which to choose.   Buy them all!  At least that's what I'm going to do!

You can follow Health Warrior on social media:

Twitter : @HealthWarrior

IG: healthwarrior


When you order your own bars, use this link to receive the very best, coolest coloring book of all time! (YES! A coloring book!


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