#MillionMooMarch Photo Contest

Hello everyone!  We'd like to say a big huge THANK MOO to all of our #MillionMooMarch participants - we had a global sell-out, selling every one of the 200 spots, and we were able to raise funds for the American Cancer Society.  THANK MOO.  We had runners from Japan to China, South Korea, Hong Kong, United Kingdom, Africa, Luxembourg, France, and North America participating in our event. 

So, so much fun was had.  You can search twitter for the #MillionMooMarch hashtag to see all the photos if you're interested.

As promised, below are the photo semi-finalists.  Please vote for your TOP choice and if one of these is your photos - have your friends and family vote too!

Voting ends on 8Dec midnight (Phoenix time) and a winner will be announced when the poll has ended.

The winner will receive a FREE entry into next year's #MillionMooMarch as well as an Amazon Gift Card delivered straight from Santa into their email inbox.  Because that's how we roll here at Run, Heifer, Run!

Ready, set, VOTE!


Click HERE to vote!!

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