HEY ! HOWDY! How are y'all doing up in the HeiferHood?!!!

It's been a hot minute since we've had some fun with a contest... so it's time once again to have some laughs, some giggles, and some prizes!

Here's the skinny:

Are you good with poetry? Do you like cows? Are you udderly smitten with heifers? (clue: the answer is YES).

Well, me too! My friends over at Udderly Smooth were VERY kind to send me a HUUUUUUUUUUGE gift basket (think: bigger than Donald Trump's hands) to share with one lucky winner. 

Now, I'm going to be honest. I'd never tried Udderly Smooth lotion before - I'd actually never heard of it until one day whilst twittering with some friends, I stumbled upon them (and yes, I'm the very last human, it seems, to have heard of this amazing company and their products)

I reached out to my newest BFF Linda (Dir of Operations) and asked her if they'd be interested in providing a prize for my next contest.  Not only was she super excited to provide a HUGE gift basket - she sent me a duplicate so I could try (and fall totally in love with) the products.


My skin is SO soft that basically I walk around caressing myself. It might look awkward. But I don't care. BECAUSE IT FEELS SO GOOD! 


I really did just say that. Yes I did.

There are a jillion products inside this basket, including huge tubs of Shea Butter, Original Formula Cream, Hand Cream, Body Cream, and all kinds of other things that I can't see because the package is stuffed so full.

SO..... what's the deal?

Here's the contest details:

I'm feeling poetic and I'm feeling UDDERLY fantastic lately, so I wanted to combine both of those into one heiferrific contest.

I want to see your BEST HAIKU! The catch? Your haiku MUST use the words UDDERLY and HEIFER!

Your Haiku can be about how much you love Run, Heifer, Run! or how much you love Udderly Smooth cream, or both. It can be straight forward, creative, bizarre, whatever you like. It just HAS to include both UDDERLY and HEIFER. And please no bad words. And yes I have to say that.

One entry per person.  Post them to your social media with the hashtag #UdderlyHeifer and when the results are in, I will have YOU GUYS pick the winner, as always, from a poll here in the HeiferHood.

In order to be eligible, you need to  LIKE the RUN, HEIFER, RUN! FACEBOOK PAGE as well as the UDDERLY SMOOTH FACEBOOK PAGE.  You also need to like our INSTAGRAM pages as well - RUN, HEIFER, RUN! and UDDERLY SMOOTH.  Come on. You knew you were gonna have to do that. That's how it always works. 
Wanna win?

Post your entries in our closed Facebook Group or on twitter and make sure you tag me so I see it (on twitter, I'm @MelissaKahn7)  You can also post to Instagram using the same hashtag, as well as #runheiferrun and #udderlysmooth.


The contest will run through 8 January 2018 whereupon the semi finalists will be chosen, and then the poll will be opened for voting.

The winner will receive, as pictured above, this aMoooooozing gift basket and eternal glory and prestige for winning the #UdderlyHeifer Haiku Contest!

Ready, set, get to HAIKU'ing and let's have some fun! If you're not currently a member of our closed family-like facebook group, feel free to request into the group, and mention that you saw us here on the blog, and we'll get you approved right in!

Can't wait to see what udderly amooozing haiku poems y'all come up with!

Submit entries thru 8Jan midnight Phoenix time, no bad words, let's have some HaikuFUN!

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