Willpower - The Power Of Will - Anonymous Guest Blog Post

My lovely friend brought you the previous post on eating disorders (read it HERE) - and he's back to talk to us today about WillPower.  My friend finds acceptance and satisfaction in sharing his thoughts, anonymously, and this is a part of his healing.  Please have a read - his take on "WillPower."


The Power of Will

This is a very interesting subject to me, one that I am still trying to understand in myself and others. Just to clarify this is not a blog about a cartoon bloke named Will who had a lot power, although that would be a good way of explaining it.


The proper term is will power, what does that to mean to all of us ?

It can and does cover so many situations we all find ourselves in. 

There are so many examples in history how this has been used in a positive and negative way, reading about some of these amazing events has inspired me to achieve more. 

Human will power is a commonly used phrase within the food industry to manipulate us, especially in the so called healthy/low calorie food sector of that industry. I find it disgusting and disturbing that this is allowed to happen, I believe it's one of the primary reasons why we have so many eating and body loathing issues within our society.  

They pray on what they would call weak willed people.

I want you to know that you can change that for the better.

I talk from experience, my will power was destroying me, that may seem strange to read, but I had trained my mind to a such high state that I could deny myself food for hour after hour. This phenomenon can be seen in other walks of life: in soldiers, athletes, etc. -  people use another phrase for this, it's called dedication !! Well I was dedicated to starving myself to death. 


A very common phrase I hear used by friends, family and other people is "I don't have the will power!" I believe when this phrase is used what actually is being said is, "I am fed up of being judged and made to feel guilty."

The natural response to that is to do the opposite, so we eat the thing that we didn't want to eat. Which of course sets off a whole episode of guilt and the cycle constantly repeats itself to levels that eventually become extremely dangerous to our physical and mental health.  

The question that is raised: how do you break this cycle of guilt and rebuild a sense of self worth?

The first point to make is, there will be more setbacks. Accepting this fact at the beginning of this new process enables us to deal with the setbacks as they arise in a more positive way. 

To explain this in more detail, firstly, the hardest part of this change is to no longer associate guilt or failure to this process, secondly learn to reconnect your brain to your stomach, the final part is to remember that tomorrow is another day. Remembering this means you can move on quickly from any little set backs.

It's going to be hard I won't lie to you, but the prize at the end is huge !!


It will get easier I promise.


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