The Road To Boston - Stu Checks In Again

Heifers!  As you know we're following along as Stu W. chases his Boston Marathon goal (again!).  If you need a refresher course in #theStu - read it HERE.  

Happy to report his training is going well - have a look:


Two months to Boston! 

Like any marathon training season I have had ups and downs, highs and lows and this one has been no different. NE winter weather has crept in the last two weeks which has caused me to lose two days of outdoor running. Along with being a dad and father, family comes first and this has also meant passing on a couple of other training days as well. 

Up to this point, my longest run was 18 miles which was two weeks ago. Last week I cut back my mileage and did 14 miles in a local running/walking park due to the snow we had received during the week. This week training had its challenges having missed on a morning run on Thursday due to getting my daughter to the airport for a 7am flight and once the morning is done, chances of doing it later in the day are slim. Friday was my annual physical and all went well, doctor said I am where I need to be and continue exercising. (Yeah, like I would even stop!) but again did not get in my spin workout so now we are on to the weekend and got my 6 mile run in this morning. But like marathon training, challenges arose with having to run slower on unplowed sidewalks and ice and snow to avoid falling.  

We are on to Sunday! Tomorrow will be longest run to date, a 19 miler and if I feel well around 17-18 might extend to 20. However, next weekend is my first 20 miler so we'll see what I decide to do. 

Upcoming schedule of 20 mile runs

February 25 - 20 miler

March 11 - 20 miler

March 25 - 20-22

So here we are..down the stretch we come!! Weather will begin to get warmer, spring will be here soon as will the 121st running of the Boston Marathon 

Cheers and Happy Running! 


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