Where In The World Is #heiferBelle - Our First Contest

Hey Heifers! It's time for some fun in the HeiferHood

(thanks to my BFF Treena for that one!! )

So many of y'all have ordered your #heiferBelle mascot keychains and have been sending in some AWESOME photos (click HERE to see all of the Adventures of Belle!)  Here's just a few to give you some ideas.... 

And yes, #heiferBelle is a big ice cream fan.  We're a judgment free zone here in the HeiferHood!

And yes, #heiferBelle is a big ice cream fan.  We're a judgment free zone here in the HeiferHood!

Don't have a #heiferBelle yet?  You need one to enter - click HERE to get yours! 

She's one busy Heifer, traveling all around the world, biking in Japan, and running in Belgium.   She's busier than a one-hoofed wall paper hanging Heifer during a wallpaper sale.  Or something like that.  

So what's the dealio? What's the skinny on the contest?

Glad you asked! We're calling this contest "Where in the World is #heiferBelle?" And here's the details...

Once #heiferBelle is safely in your possession, you need to bring her out with you, into your world. Your adventures.  

We want to see the CRAZIEST #heiferBelle pics (keep it PG, mmmmkay?) that you can muster up.  Bring her to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro. Bring her to the movie theater when she's diving into your buttered popcorn (which you shouldn't be eating, but OMG HOW CAN YOU NOT IT'S SO DELICIOUS). Bring her to your kids' dance recital! Word on the street is she likes to wear a tutu sometimes. 

Bring her anywhere you go and send in your CRAZIEST/FUNNIEST pic of her.

Share the pics across your social media using hashtag #AdventuresofBelle so that we don't miss them. You can also email them to melissa@runheiferrun.com.


We will share all of the results, of course - and a #heiferBelleContestCommittee (we may need a shorter hashtag, any ideas?) will pick FOUR semi-finalists.

Then... you, the adoring #heiferBelle FAN CLUB, will vote on the winner.  What's the winner get?? Good question.  No just kidding.  Here's what you'll get: 

The winner will get a  whole lot of amazing things!  First, you'll receive  your choice of a Run, Heifer, Run! shirt, plus a very VERY rico-suave Heifer Tote Bag, and a few  Get Mooovin' bumper stickers to hand out to friends.

And... you'll receive the one and only, famous Ordinary Marathoner shirt.  This is THE highly coveted shirt that everyone on Twitter is going GAGA over!   Thank you to Mr. Ordinary Marathoner for making this prize possible. He's the best!

The shirt that broke the Internet!

The shirt that broke the Internet!

And guess what ELSE has just been added to the prize bucket?? My bffs over at Knuckle Lights (read my review HERE) are including a brand new pair of lights, for our winner! How AMAZING is that?   Guys! These lights are amazing! I changed my FB status to "in a relationship with Knuckle Lights" after I received them!  They're that amazing.  Trust me. 


But wait.  There's MORE! 

What else will you receive? Your very own copy of Running To Leadville, written by none other than Brian Burk.

Running to Leadville is a story about life.

 “Then one day, the other neighbor kids were no longer allowed to play with him. Brian noticed that the older kids and the other parents talked under their breath and pointed his way. Then the “D” word became part of the conversations. His mother explained to him what divorce meant. He really only understood that he would be living in a new home, in another neighborhood, and without his father. “

“Within the course of that first summer, Brian went from being the kid everyone wanted to play with, the kid with the cool friends, to the child no one knew. “

Oh, and a Starbucks Gift Card.  Because, Starbucks! What else will you win?? Unprecedented prestige, pride, and eternal admiration of all your fellow Heifers!

What's that you say? You want ANOTHER prize?? Well, my bff's over at RoadNoise (seriously awesome products, my review HERE)  are donating one of their running vests to the winner, also! HEIFERS!!!! How cool is that?!

Just when you thought things could not get ANY more epic?? Guess who just signed up to send a prize?? My BFFs over at Team Hot Shot!  These guys are amazing.  Check out my product review HERE.  These guys just upped the prize package to include A CASE!! Your muscles will thank you, I guarantee it.



The fine print:

Contest officially BEGINS on February 14, 2017, because who doesn't love Valentine's Day? Ok really, it's because we need enough time to ship all the #heiferBelles out. But that doesn't sound nearly as fun.

In order to enter the contest and be eligible, you MUST "JOIN THE HERD"  - it's free and painless.  I promise.  And Heifers don't lie. It's in our rule book. 

You can submit up to TWO photos for the contest

Submissions will be accepted through March 10, 2017


Can't wait to see all the fun stuff your Heifers get into!!!  PLEASE feel free to share the contest, we'd love to have as many entries as possible to make it super-fun!!!  

XOXO from the head Heifer, Melissa

Disclaimer: All pics posted, shared, tagged etc will be shared, publically.  They will become property of Run, Heifer, Run and never shared beyond their intended use, for marketing purposes. If you have a problem with this, you might need more cookies and more cowbell.

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