You (YES YOU!) Are Not Defined By A Number - Guest Post By Treena Blair

It's a beautiful day in the HeiferHood!  Another awesome guest blog post is incoming.... this one is from my twitter BFF (you see a pattern here, I have lots of twitter BFFs...) Treena!  She doesn't only talk the talk, she walks the walk. An amazing person and friend - I'm proud to share her thoughts, right here, right now. 

Today I would like to address something that affects us all, women, men and even children and teenagers. You are NOT the number on the scale! You are, however, the things you do or don't do and the things you eat or don't eat. You are your actions and your words. If you are living a healthy lifestyle and getting your exercise in, that number shouldn't define who you are as a person.

As we get older we have a tendency to base our health on the number the scale gives us. The scale doesn't know you have been eating (healthy proteins, fruits, veggies) every two hours, running miles every morning and increasing your muscle mass by hitting the weights. The scale doesn't take into account the fact that you just PR'd a 100 pound deadlift because you're a beginner or the 600 pound deadlift that you've been trying to attain for months.

The scale doesn't show you those non scale victories listed above or other ones. Maybe your non scale victory is fitting into last summer's shorts again, drinking all your water that day, getting all the meals in on time and properly or just waking up and feeling happy because you know that today is a new day and you are going to crush it because the scale no longer rules your world.

The scale has been horrible to us all. Young, old, overweight or underweight when we step on it it's like we forget our common sense and forget about everything we've done leading up to that point and become THAT number. The number is never good enough it's always to big or to little and then we get stuck in our heads. We then tend to overanalyze everything we did and everything we ate. We also compare ourselves to people on social media and those we know in real life who we think are better. They aren't, they are regular people like you who didn't wake up that way. They trained hard, ate right and kept themselves educated just like you. And like you they have their bad days and don't like the number on the scale. The scale can be our worst enemy if we let it and it's time to stop that thinking.

Let's start focusing on our non scale victories more and the numbers less. Let's be happy that we crushed our runs and did more reps than we thought possible! Let's be happy that we ate right (as my kids are bringing me Oreos as I write this, oh the temptation)!

I hope this helps someone out there who is having this issue. Don't quit you are more than a number!

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