No Bull With Melissa - The YouTube Channel Is Here


For a while now, y'all have been reading my reviews on various runner box subscriptions - boxes I get monthly with great new products for runners and fitness enthusiasts.

You've given me great feedback on what you WANT me to review, and what you don't even KNOW about (products, etc...) so I decided to finally delve deep into the world of YouTube (welcome to 1999, Heifer!) and make a whole channel devoted to bringing you the reviews you never knew you wanted.

I bring you -  the brand new NO BULL WITH MELISSA channel.  (Catchy name, I know).

This first review talks about some gu-ish type products that are mostly intended for a boost of energy.

Chia Goo, Chocolate PB Non-Gu Goo, Hammer Goo and BOOM Goo

Chia Goo, Chocolate PB Non-Gu Goo, Hammer Goo and BOOM Goo

I want to bring you an unpaid endorsement, real time review of the products that are received in these monthly subscription boxes.

I belong to a few - and so each product was sent to me in one of these shipments (I put them all into a big ziploc bag and keep it locked away from my kids and #SpazPuppy). I have tried a few already - and from now on I'll be recording my reviews for you to enjoy, too.  

So without further adieu..... here's the very first No Bull With Melissa ReMoooo (that's like a review, but for heifers...) I hope you enjoy.  If you like it, feel free to share the love.

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