ReFraming: A Guest Post By Pam H.

Hey heifers! It's about that time - another GUEST BLOG post, from one of our favorite heifers, Pam.  Let's discuss some ReFraming! No, I don't mean the photos on your walls. I mean your attitude!  

I don’t know about you, but that bitch who lives in my head can really be a Debbie Downer. She’s persistent, she’s annoying, and most importantly she’s often very, very loud. You see, she fears change. She fears difficulty. She fears ridicule. She really, really fears failure. And she’s not afraid to speak up about it, which really makes me hate her sometimes.

But here’s the thing—I’m tougher than she is. I know her game, and I know how to win it. It’s a simple technique called reframing. She says “you’ve tried and failed before”. I say “and I learned what works and what doesn’t.”  She says “it’s nice and warm in your bed, and you can always work out later.” I say “I keep appointments I make for myself.” She says “you’re too old/fat/busy.” I say “no time like the present.”  Yeah, yeah…I know I sound like one of those self-help gurus who says we need to just stay positive to achieve our goals. But they’re right. 

Reframing negative thoughts is POWERFUL. It requires mindful intent to stop the downer train in its tracks and derail it, but you’ve got the power to do it—we all do. Believe me, I’m still down for the occasional pity party, because sometimes life is crappy. It’s ok to acknowledge said crappiness, but it’s important not to dwell there. Barring real tragedy, you can reframe just about anything, but it takes practice. Your brain is powerful mojo, so you need to put it to work for you.

What’s that one nagging negative thought you really struggle with? Write it down if you need to, then reframe that sucker. Retrain your brain to work for you, rather than against you. You’re in charge, dammit; now go forth and kick some ass!

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