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Howdy, Heifers!  I'm super-excited to share this guest blog post by my BFF Joe over at SousVideWizard.  If you struggle with getting healthy when you're stuck in your comfort zone, this article is for you!

3 Healthy Ways to Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone Into a Healthy Lifestyle

You've put on your running shoes at least four times a week every week this past month. You've committed yourself to join the herd, but something is wrong: you're not losing weight. Nothing you seem to be doing is working, and the one culprit that everyone hates to admit is their diet and lifestyle.

If you eat fast food or have a deep love for processed foods, they may be the reason that your health kick is turning into a dud.

We're going to discuss a few healthy ways you can step out of your comfort zone and into a healthy lifestyle. We'll guide you through cooking sous vide, steaming your veggies and even ways you can prepare your food for the week so that you force yourself to eat healthier.

I'll tell you a little secret: prepping food eliminates late night fast food runs.

And if you change your bad habits today, you'll watch the fat melt off in just a few weeks.

1. Steaming to a Healthier You

Steaming your food is so good for you. When you use a steamer, mainly for meats and veggies, you'll be:

Lowering the cholesterol

Removing excess fat from meats

Reducing calories (from the fat reduction)

Steaming your foods is much better for you than cooking them with a little oil or butter. You'll find that the fiber is kept in high amounts, and your veggies will maintain their crisp-to-the-bite taste. There's also the benefit of retaining all of the vitamins and minerals that are often lost in the cooking process.

Couple that with the super easy cleanup and quick cooking time, and steaming is a great lifestyle change that almost forces you into health.

2. Sous Vide – Cooking With Water

Cooking with water sounds strange. Everything about my inner caveman says that cooking with water isn't natural. But then I sink my teeth into a steak or burger, and I can't understand why I didn’t use a sous vide earlier.

It's a great way to cook, and I don’t even need to hover over the stove.

When you choose to cook sous vide, you’re able to enjoy:

Better overall taste

Consistent and thorough heating

Precision controls that eliminate burned food worries

Saved time

Sous vide is the lazy man's or woman's way to make food as good as a chef without all of the training and fuss involved.

And when you cook with the power of water, you'll also make sure those water-soluble vitamins and potent antioxidants in your food don't get burned off as they do with conventional forms of cooking.

There's also some models that come with a built-in timer that will cook your food for you while you're not even there. Talk about convenience.

3. Meal Prep for the Week

Forget trying to travel with a protein bar and eat-on-the-go, meal prep allows you to eat real, satiating food that is all parts delicious and already prepared by you. Meal prepping for an entire week sounds like torture, but it's really not that bad.

This is one of those changes that most people drag their feet through, but when they finally adapt to making all their food in one sitting, they're ecstatic with the progress they make.

The hardest part is getting started, and the overwhelming dread of preparing 21 meals is enough to make you want to jump in your car and head to McDonald's.  If you can motivate yourself for a few hours, you'll find that this is a satisfying venture that eliminates excuses and promotes healthy eating.

A few tips to help you stay on track are:

Prep just a few meals. In the beginning prep, just 2 or 3 meals for the week. If you dive right in and prep everything, you'll end up hating it.

Use familiar recipes. It's great to try new food, but you want to like the food, too. Stick to recipes you know until you're accustomed to meal prepping.

Food prep can mean just chopping. You don't need to cook up all your food in one sitting. Food prep isn't stringent, so you can choose to cut up some veggies today or make entire meals – it's up to you.

The goal is to remove every excuse you have to go out and eat a bad-for-you meal. If you prep your food in advance, you'll find that it's super easy to stay on track with your diet. And don't forget to use a vacuum sealer to keep your food fresh all week long.

Couple your meal prep with a healthy diet, exercise and running, and you'll be on your way to a healthier, skinny you.

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