Final Pre-Boston Marathon Guest Blog Post by Our Favorite HE(ifer) STU!

Oh hey heifers!! Several of y'all have messaged me wondering "how is Stu doing in his Boston training?" Well, guess what??

This just in! His update is here below.  We are ALL so proud of Stu - rooting him on from our own corners of the heiferhood.  Leave him some love in the comments - this guy is a freakin' rock star. 

Without further adieu.... here's his update: 


Well, here it is my last Boston update!

One thing I have learned about marathon training, there are peaks and valleys. Boston training was no different. Some long runs and even races I have run better than others. But here we are 9 days out from Boston and I am ready to go! The weather the last month has been tough having gotten lots of snow, and rain which has made training outdoors in the Boston area challenging. However, it has prepared me the for the challenges of the Boston course, and whatever other challenges Marathon Monday brings. 

My last several runs have gone well! My last three being a 20 (on a TM) half marathon in New Bedford Mass while weather conditions were tough overall the race went well and my 22.5 on the Boston course. The last run known in Boston as the rehearsal run gave me a good feeling about what marathon day could bring for me. Having incorporated cross training regimen of spinning, strength training and High Intensity Interval training this has helped my running a lot and I can feel my endurance is where it needs to be. In fact, it went so well I already signed up for a fall marathon in Manchester NH. This will be my fourth NE state I have run a marathon.


Thanks for all your support and cannot wait for marathon Monday! 

I know I speak for ALL Heifers around here when I say we are ALL behind you 234,4523424545% (that's a legit number, I swear).  So proud of you Stu!  We can't wait to see you ROCK IT !!!

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