Momentum Jewelry - The Contest !

Oh Heifers! If you guys knew me IRL (that's "in real life" for those of you who aren't hip to the teen jive that my kids have taught me).... you know I love some fun running jewelry.  

I like to be inspired when I look down at my sweaty arms, hands, etc. and see something that is going to KEEEEP ME MOOOOOVING (aside from my jiggling thighs that bounce back and forth even after I've stopped mooooving, but that's another blog post... )

I like to look down and see cool stuff like THIS

Photo courtesy of my BFFs at Momentum Jewelry

Photo courtesy of my BFFs at Momentum Jewelry

I want to be able to SHAAAARE the heifer-love with this amazing fun inspiring jewelry, so I am hosting another contest here in the HeiferHood.

Here's the skinny:

The custom Motivate Wraps have 12 characters on top (including spaces) and 12 on bottom.

Come up with your very BEST Heifer slogan - heifer phrase - heifer mantra - whatever you like that's HEIFER related... and we will compile all the answers, vote on them right here on the blog, and the winner will receive the 40% discount PLUS some kick-arse Heifer-Wear.  Because, MOO!

Let's go ahead and count out RUNHEIFERRUN because that's too obvious. And not creative.

Fine Print: 

Contest will go through May 31, 2017.  

Submit your entries to me by email: or tweet them to me on twitter @MelissaKahn7, or leave them here in the comments.

You can even join our facebook group page  (request to join, I'll approve you on in) and share your suggestion there.

You can submit up to TWO ideas

Once all the entries are received - a specially designated heifer-committee will vote on the top 5 phrases, and then I will put them into a new blog poll, whereupon you can send all your friends, family, coworkers, etc. to vote for your submission.

Winner will receive the 40% discount code, some heifer-Wear, and one of "THE" famous shirts - the shirt that broke the internet, courtesy of our friends over at Ordinary Marathoners!

What else will you receive? Your very own copy of Running To Leadville, written by none other than Brian Burk.

Running to Leadville is a story about life.

 “Then one day, the other neighbor kids were no longer allowed to play with him. Brian noticed that the older kids and the other parents talked under their breath and pointed his way. Then the “D” word became part of the conversations. His mother explained to him what divorce meant. He really only understood that he would be living in a new home, in another neighborhood, and without his father. “

“Within the course of that first summer, Brian went from being the kid everyone wanted to play with, the kid with the cool friends, to the child no one knew. “


Ready, Set, GET TO MOOOOOVIN' on this contest!




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