Product Review: Adidas Ultra Boost X

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You guys know, this blog is all about, things related to both, right? I love a good product review from time to time, and so I'm super excited to bring you just that - my very own product review on what I hear are the hottest running shoes this side of the neighborherd.

I was really excited to receive a pair of these Adidas Ultra Boost X shoes to review.

So cool even my kids wanted a pair!

So cool even my kids wanted a pair!

They come in at the higher end of running shoes, around $179, so I wasn't really sure what to expect.  I have to admit that being a runner now for only about 4 1/2 years now, I'm still new to the game. My standard running shoe is Saucony, so I had actually never even tried Adidas before.

Imagine my giddiness when they arrived with an extra pair of shoelaces (I'm easy to please!) These were truly unlike any other running shoe I've seen.  They are kind of like SOCKS on the top, heifers! SOCKS.

You slide your foot into it and it fits very snugly, but comfortable.  It was a weird sensation, I have to tell you, with my socks on - they kind of felt tight at my toes for a bit, but that loosened up in no time.  The first impression when I stood up was that it felt like walking on air.

AIR.  Walkin' on sunshine.  Wait. That's a song. I mean truly - they are VERY lightweight and really do feel like walking on air.  I wanted to walk to Topeka.  They're that comfortable.

I had a 5k run scheduled the next day, so it was perfect timing.  Took these bad boys out on the canal path. It's pressed dirt.

I have very flat feet.  It's sometimes hard for me to find great shoes with "JUST" the right amount of support for running, because having spent most of my life morbidly obese, my body took a beating.  My knees have arthritis, I have hip pain, I am seriously living in a body that's more worn and used than someone who is a 109 year old ultra marathon runner.

Yeah. It's bad.  I don't complain.  Ok who are we kidding. I whine all the time! Just ask my running BFFs Kellie and Tiffany. I think their speed increased exponentially when we began running together JUST so they could be out of earshot when I start the whining. 

I digress.   I always digress. It's my thing.

During my 3 mile run I experienced discomfort. My incredibly flat feet are very finicky when it comes to support, so for you ladies out there who have normal arches - these might be perfect for you. However, my feet were begging me to be released, a half mile in. 

I was fine when I was walking, but the running part - not so much. (I run/walk all my runs because, it's me).  I'd be lying if I said my legs felt great the rest of the day - they were achy. These shoes have a pretty high arch for someone like me and while they're PERFECT for walking around - they're not the right fit for me in terms of a running shoe.

I decided to ask my personal trainer - he's an accomplished runner and has been in the running industry for yeaaaaaars.  I mean, he's been AROUND, ifyouknowwhati'msayin'.  He's almost as cool as #MBB (read here for that story, trust me you'll be happy you did).

There I go digressing again.

I wore my UltraBoost X to the gym a few days later to ask my trainer what he thought. When I tell you he has something like 350 pairs of running shoes - it's barely an exaggeration. And y'all know I'm prone to hyperbole.

Super-fly shoes in the gym. I'm pretty sure I lifted heavier weights because I felt cool in these shoes.

Super-fly shoes in the gym. I'm pretty sure I lifted heavier weights because I felt cool in these shoes.

But really - his running shoe closet rivals that of Imelda Marcos.  So I figured he would know a little something about these shoes.

Except my trainer is much better looking.  Pinky swear.

Except my trainer is much better looking.  Pinky swear.

WINNER WINNER! He did! He immediately noticed my new kicks.   I'm attaching the photo from their website, below - so you can see all the super cool features these shoes have.  The adaptive arch is what I think gave me the pain in my feet (both feet, to be clear, not just one). It definitely hugged my feet - like some unexpected lovin' and that was a nice surprise for sure!

Pic from Adidas website, thank you ADIDAS!

Pic from Adidas website, thank you ADIDAS!

My trainer kind of giggled, knowing the issues I face with my knees, glutes, hams, quads (ok really I TOLD Y'ALL my body is that of a 109 year old)... and suggested that these kicks would be great for me, in the gym, not out on the road.

I would have to agree.  My Active Release doc also confirmed that these were not the running shoes for MY particular foot.

That being said - they REALLY do feel like walking on air. They are extremely light weight, very comfortable, and I have to admit I got some nice compliments from the muscle-heads at the gym, akin to "Hey Baby, Nice Kicks!' which made me all a'flutter, as I just blankly nodded and lifted heavier.

I think these are my "GYM" shoes now which I'm completely content with.  They are cushioned nicely, and as long as I don't actually run in them, I seem to be fine.

I think picking a running shoe is such a personal choice - and so much of your comfort depends on the shape of your foot, your body type, how you strike, etc. Not every shoe can be for every runner, and I'm sorry to say these won't be my next magic bullet to finally break a 6 minute mile... but I still love them a lot because 1) they are super-comfortable for gym'ming it up, 2) they are very lightweight,  and 3) street cred.  Not every kid on the block can wear UltraBoostX and for this opportunity, I am one grateful heifer.

If you want to try a pair out, you can get them HERE.  

You can follow Adidas Running on social media here:

Twitter: @adidasrunning
Instagram: @adidasrunning

I'm curious as to everyone else's feedback on them - my friend is a personal trainer down in Florida and she SWEARS by hers for gym-workouts as well.  Chime in, below, in the comments, to leave your opinions!

"Disclaimer: I received these shoes to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a  BibRave Pro  (ambassador), and check out  to review find and write race reviews!"

"Disclaimer: I received these shoes to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!"

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