Get Relaxed, Not Tired: Guest Blog Post from Sarah

Heifers! i love a good guest blog post, as you know! When Sarah emailed me and asked if she could contribute here in the Heiferhood, I was pretty excited! She wanted to talk about one of my favorite topics - SLEEEEEEP.  So without further heifer adieu, I bring you..... 


If you run for fitness like I do, then I am sure you’ve experienced fatigue occasionally, if not daily. Should you always have to deal with being tired other than feeling relaxed every time you run? Absolutely not! Let me share with you my all-time secrets to getting the ultimate relaxation while you exercise.

What You Could Be Doing Wrong

Exercising is excellent for your body. It doesn’t matter if you prefer the long race or short splints; as long as your body can endure it, then go for it. However, when you make a mistake of pushing yourself beyond the limits, you not only risk a fatal injury but you could also experience extreme fatigue: The kind of fatigue that puts you to bed rest involuntarily the next day.   

Secondly, exercising at the right time is very important. Running yields optimal results when done early in the morning; think running as the sun rises. During the day you can jog or take a walk. Either way, your body can endure such muscular activity until late in the afternoon.

Get Into a Routine

According to the American Heart Association, your body yields better results when you are consistent with your workout routine. This means that if you run for an hour, make an effort of doing this every day of the week. No matter how little you exercise, consistency can make all the difference.

In the evening, avoid intense exercises at all cost. This is because you need to prepare your body for sleep. Some people believe that you sleep better when you are tired. But let me put it this way; you sleep best when you are more relaxed.

The difference between a person who goes to bed extremely tired and one who goes to bed relaxed is evident. The former has higher chances of snoring like a pig in bed and experiencing nightmares while the latter has higher chances of remembering everything they dreamt the previous night. Do you agree with me?

Your Diet Affects Your Exercise

As simple as it sounds, your diet will definitely affect your exercise. If you are running to keep fit or to lose weight, then there are a few issues you need to understand. First of all, running on an empty stomach will do you more harm than good. As you reduce the carbs and sugars, remember that your muscles depend on glucose for energy as you run.

How do you substitute for glycogen in your diet? The answer is simple; include some carbs and sweet fruits (they replenish your body with natural sugars) in your breakfast. But for the rest of the day, maintain a low carb diet in your meals. This way, you’ll have nourished your body well for the race and still watched your diet for the weight loss goal.

Alternative Ways To Achieve Relaxation While You Exercise

  • Warm Up Your Body

Before you start the race, carry out a few warm up exercises.  Some jogging and light press ups will warm up your body and get it ready for the main race. This way, you’ll avoid shocking your muscles when you start running.

  • Stay Hydrated

According to the book Running For Fitness, you lose plenty of water when you exercise. Replacing this water is important for your body cells to remain healthy and active.

If you are planning on tackling a short race, then it’s advisable that you drink enough water before your race begins. However, for long marathons, a refill water bottle will come in handy. You can drink as you run whenever you feel thirsty but don’t drink too much. You also need to drink some more when the race is finished.

  • Get Enough Sleep

A proper sleeping routine will be beneficial to your body. Sleep enhances the growth and rejuvenation of your body cells. In addition, sleep encourages your muscles to relax and promotes the healing of any injured muscles.

According to David, a bodybuilding expert, proper sleep promotes muscle growth. The hormones released while you sleep promote healthy growth and recovery of your muscles. This, in turn, gets you ready for the race every morning.

The Final Word

Exercising and particularly running is very important for an overall great body and good health. However, getting fatigue after every workout could easily wear you out. Practice the above tips and get your fitness in check the right, relaxed way.


Bio: Sarah is the editor of Feeling the repercussions of being an irregular sleeper for far too long, she decided to do something about it. She learned why sleep is so important and how to maximize it, and is now helping others who are struggling to find their right sleep routine.

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