Oooh, Heifers! Any of y'all who've spent any time here at all know I love shooting down excuses! Let's hear it straight from our repeat guest-blogger and one of the cutest heifers ever,  Treena. If you haven't read her last guest blog post, click HERE to read it.  




At some point in our lives all of us have made an excuse to not do something we know we probably actually should do. Whether it be an excuse to not go to the gym because you didn’t want to get up early or not going for that run because you’re just too tired.


The problem with excuses though is that once you make one the first time it just gets easier to keep making them. The “I’ll start eating right tomorrow” excuse turns into “I’ll start tomorrow” every day until a week goes by then a month then a year. We end up in an excuse landslide and things never get done, or if they do it’s months or years later. Then we develop an “excuse mentality”; always finding reasons to not do something and get stuck in the rut. I’ve been guilty of making excuses to not do something and I’ve always ended up regretting it in the long run. Then I just decided one day that I wasn’t going to make excuses anymore. That no matter what it was I was just going to do it.

Excuses will do nothing but set you up for failure. I used to make up excuses for not going for my runs; whether it was the weather excuse or the I’m just too tired excuse. I used to make up excuses for not working out and not eating right at least most of the time. I used the same excuses for almost three years to be honest. Then one day I was up late, thanks insomnia, got to thinking about where I wanted to be in a year, where I was now, what my goals were and I decided that making excuses wasn’t going to get me anywhere near the goals and dreams I had in my mind. So I wrote a plan out to obtain one small goal at a time, than longer term goals. I haven’t stopped that method since then and I’ve done nothing but forward towards the goals I have written down.

 Excuses will get you nowhere and nowhere very fast. The quicker you come to the conclusion to leave the excuse mentality behind the better you’ll feel. Goals will be set and smashed and dreams obtained. Anyone can obtain success if they work hard for it and want it bad enough, but you’re the only one who can decide if they and you are worth putting the excuses on the shelf for good.

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