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HEIFERS!!! HEIFERS! I want to scream this one from the Heifer-RoofTop! (herd-top? hay-top?) Podium? SOMEONE GET ME A MICROPHONE! MEGAPHONE!


This one is UUUUUUUUGE.

This one is UUUUUUUUGE.

I  woke this morning to 98,234 "dings" from notifications on Twitter that someone had asked me to sign up, and make a particular virtual race "an international event" by participating from here in the USA.

So of course this not only pissed me off (being awoken to DINGDINGDINGDINGDINGDING) but it intrigued me greatly. As much as one can be intrigued at 0330. YAWN. 

First of all - they asked ME?? Little old heifer ME? Maybe it's just because I'm the only one they knew in the USA... but I'll take it.  Maybe they knew it's because I was awake at 0330 reading my tweets... but I'll take it.  Doesn't matter.  They asked ME.

So I delved a little deeper into what they were asking me to do.  Virtual race? Sure. No problem. I've done many - I've promoted many.  Virtual race that gives 50% (admin fees taken out, volunteers draw zero money) to a mental health organization? 


WHY?? Many of y'all are long time HeiferHood residents.  But let's break it down for the newbies.  Many in the Neighborherd deal with mental health issues - depression, addiction, anxiety, etc.  Many of us run or exercise in other ways to fight these demons.  And we encourage ALL heifers to get out there, get active, and get healthy.  

Why? Because, improved health leads to improved mental state.  I could link you to 234,234,997 articles citing that, but I won't bore you.  It's just factual.  Plus I read it on the internet so it MUST be true.

My own history of depression and anxiety? You can read a few of those posts HERE and HERE for my background. So when I saw that was supporting MIND I knew... I JUST KNEW I had to jump in and get involved. 

So what'd I do? (I knew that was your next question, it's like I'm reading your mind!) #awkward.

Anyway... I signed up to run over the weekend of 9/1-9/3 on a virtual relay team.  Why? Because this heifer isn't running 26.2 of ANYTHING.  Let's be real. My body craps out at 13.1000000000001.

I enlisted the help of "The Twitter" and set out to find a team of heifers who would be willing to run, virtually, with me, to total up 26.2 miles.  And I found them.  TONS OF THEM.  And if YOU want to sign up and get your OWN team ... click HERE and get to clickin'.  It's $20ish USA (I used PAYPOUND) hahaha see how I did that ... and registration was as easy as 1,2,3.

Here's a little blurb from my BFFs over at Marathon In A Day... 

One Marathon. One Day. Your Way. Imagine having 24 hours to run a marathon where only the time spent moving counts. You could run it in one go. You could run two halves with a nice long break in the middle. Or even run 25 one-mile laps with a swift 1.2 miler to finish it off. With #MarathonInADay it’s your choice how you cover 26.2 miles, where you do it, when and with whom (if you choose to run with friends). And chances are it’ll be your fastest possible marathon. From Friday September 1st to Sunday September 3rd, individuals and teams of up to eight can set their own tactics and have the flexibility to run the Marathon In A Day challenge in any way they see fit – so long as 26.2 miles are covered within a 24 hour period. Co-founder Kevin Betts says “We’re truly the most inclusive marathon event in the country: we want anyone and everyone to have the opportunity to take part.” Whether a seasoned pro wants to see how fast they could run a marathon distance on their own, with all the rest they need, or a group of friends want to run parkrun together and earn a top-quality medal, it really doesn’t matter. Kids, oldies, pros, walkers, fancy-dressers – everyone is welcome!

Marathon In A Day was created by Kevin Betts and Clare Rixon. Both seasoned marathon runners, they devised Marathon In A Day to make the marathon distance more accessible to all types of people – breaking the distance down into manageable chunks and creating a less-competitive and highly supportive event. Kevin and Clare also both believe there is a strong link between running and positive mental health and chose to support the mental health charity MIND which is backing the idea and reaching out to its supporters to take part. It couldn’t be easier to get involved. People can find out more or register at and get in touch on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter all @marathoninaday as follows: Facebook:  Twitter: Instagram:  The costs are: individuals £17.50, pairs £30, 3-4 runners £45, 5-6 runners £60 and 7-8 runners £75. There is a £1 discount to anyone who agrees to share what they're doing with 'I'm running #MarathonInADay in support of Mind'.

All ages are welcome but maximum distance restrictions apply to under 18s – see the website for more details. For more information, contact: Kevin Betts on 07730564969 or Clare Rixon on 07837425184 or

It's as easy as that, heifers!  Click the link, sign up, and make your own team of up to 8 people. You can run 1 mile and let the others do the rest (don't tell my team, that's my strategy)... or you can all split it up however you want, and while running and improving your OWN mental health, your contribution will then benefit helping OTHERS. 

Who's in? Who's with me?  If you're up for it - LEAVE A COMMENT HERE so we can all cheer each other on!  Run it in your HeiferWear or with #heiferBelle, take pics and send them in! The more the better!  

I'm definitely behind a charity that says "We won't give up until everyone experiencing a mental health problem gets support and respect."  Won't you help support it too? 

AND..... just when you think it can't get any better.... something fun for our UK and European friends in the you ever just wonder "who is the head heifer?"  Well, stay tuned for some AMAZING information coming soon about an opportunity to raise even MORE funding for MIND... right there in the UK... I'm teaming up with my BFFs at MarathonInADay to bring you something REALLLLLLY EXCITING... details will be forthcoming... so stay tuned for big BIG fun news coming soon!

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