Prizes for YOU.. AND YOU! Prizes for Everyone! A New Contest!

Hello in the Heiferhood, y'all!

By now, the seasoned readers know a little about me, and how I roll.  I like to give things away. Ok I LOVE giving things away. 

I mean, why not?  I am so fortunate to be able to try out some of the fitness industry's BEST products, and when I find things I love, I like to scream about them from the mountaintops.


This next contest combines TWO things I love most - running and #heiferBelle

How do you combine those two items and create a contest? 

I'm so glad you asked.  

Over on "The Twitter" -- we have something we call "#FlagHat."  I'm pretty sure my Twitter BFF Luis invented it - but I can't say that for sure, because if you click the #flaghat hashtag.... many others come up too - but Luis was the one who introduced ME to FlagHatting (yes, I just made this word up.  Work with me)  *note - you can ALSO participate using #visorhat photos as well. Over here in the heiferHood we do not discriminate.

Let me show you a few #flagHat examples.

Photo used with Permission of Luis G... thanks Luis!

Photo used with Permission of Luis G... thanks Luis!

Derek H also allowed us to use his awesome #flagHat pic - Thanks DH!

Derek H also allowed us to use his awesome #flagHat pic - Thanks DH!

Ok , so now that your thinking caps are on... let me throw you a curveball. Because, what fun is a contest you don't have to WORK for?? 

Let me show you the ULTIMATE HeiferFlagHat shot which gives you the idea of this contest. This stellar #heiferBelle #flathat shot was sent in by one of my favorite HE(ifers) Jeff. He's got his hoof on the pulse of #heiferNation. Here's proof:

#heiferHat by heiferriffic HE(Ifer) Jeff!

#heiferHat by heiferriffic HE(Ifer) Jeff!

So... you get the idea.  

The contest??


Go out there, find a few flagpoles, and get to snapping!!! Send in your pics - and a cowncil of special Heifers will choose 4 semi-finalists...and once again we will take to...the choose the winner. 

What's the prize this time??  Another great question. Y'all are ON IT.  

This contest is simple. You're going to win a pair of my FAVORITE headphones in the history of evahhhh.  They are from AfterShokz and they are truly one of the best tools in the running belt of life.

Let me tell you a little bit about these awesome little magical headphones: 




It doesn’t seem sensible that audio traveling through your bones instead of your ears could be so finely tuned. It wouldn’t be possible without our PremiumPitch technology, which assures the finest in bone conduction audio, with a range that suits music and voice.



Durably designed to withstand high-impact activities, these headphones will power through daily sweat sessions and wicked weather. A nanotechnology coating and watertight rubber gaskets repel sweat and moisture from the inside out.



Natural sound leakage is a common drawback found with most headphones and earbuds, especially at high volumes. LeakSlayer was designed to release sound generated by the transducers in order to cancel sound generated by the housing, significantly reducing leakage, even when compared to traditional headphones and earbuds.

These headphones are heiferriffic - you're going to love them.  

HEIFERS!!!  This contest is going to be super-fun! So, all you need is #heiferBelle and your imagination - the best #heiferHat pic wins.  Simple as that.

Details: Contest begins 9/1, which allows everyone who doesn't yet have #heiferBelle to purchase her HERE and get to #heiferHat'ing!!!  You can enter up to three (3) photos. No photoshopping images for this contest.  We want the real deal, the #heiferHat of all #heiferHats.  International entries are encouraged! This contest is WORLDWIDE!

The most creative pic will win.  Contest goes through 9/21 and the special Cowncil will then choose four semi-finalists which will be shared for the world to vote on.

So, what are you waiting for? Get out there, get to #heiferHatting and let's see what you've got!

Tag your photos in our FACEBOOK GROUP , on Instagram, or on Twitter ... or you can kick it old school and email them to to enter.  If you have any questions, drop them below and I'll answer them as I see them.

Get to snappin'!!!


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