Stunt Puppy - Go Dog Glo Collar

"Disclaimer: I received a StuntPuppy GoDogGlo collar to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!"

Heifers! Anyone who's spent a little time on my twitter or around these parts knows a bit about my crazy dog, SpazPuppy.  Spaz loves to go on walks - he loves being outside and he LOVES pulling me like a crazy hound-dog all around our neighborhood.

Yeah. He needs training. But we're not gonna talk about that today.

Today I want to tell you guys about my new favorite dog-product for him.  Y'all remember we have the Stunt Puppy leash, right? Here's the skinny on that (click HERE).  It's great. It goes around your waist and you (theoretically) go off gently into that good night (or morning, as it were, for this heifer) with your proud pooch trotting happily at your side.  He does pretty well on that, so I'll let it go, just like Elsa.

The product I want to highlight today also comes from Stunt Puppy. It's their Go Dog Glo collar.


Let's have a look at why this collar is THE BOMB DOGGITY ! (haha see how I did that there?)
I crack myself up.  From Stunt Puppy's website... this collar is: 

Waterproof, stinkproof AND visible at night. Constructed from BioThane®, a virtually indestructible material, this lightweight, durable collar is designed for active dogs that keep going even after the sun goes down. It stays flexible in cold weather and begs to be pushed to the limit!

I mean, come ON you guys!  When you have a SpazPuppy who not only chases and eats cats (don't ask).... lizards, ducks, etc... you really WANT a collar that doesn't get all gross, for lack of a better term.

He swims (collar works great!) he runs thru mud (collar doesn't collect caked on dry mud, nor does it get nasty and stinky!)... he traipses through trash heaps (don't ask) .... but this collar? No odors, no stains, nothing. Nothing but pure awesome ruggedness for a crazy SpazPuppy!

Let's see how Spaz feels about it.  


What I love MOST about this collar? It's reflective.  I run in the beautiful dark of the pre-dawn day. I want reflective wear for myself, as well as for Spaz.  This collar is durable, stink-proof, and stylin' for a crazy Spaz doggy. HIghly recommend.

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