UDDERLY HEIFER Contest Results

The Udderly Heifer contest was a huge success! Have a look about it HERE ... and below are just SOME of the amazing Haiku entries we had.


The winner is announced below.

Some of our entries:


Heifers swim bike run
Skin so dry from Nepal sun
Udderly when done

Silent Evening
A heifer udderly runs
whilst watching the moon

Crisp Wintertime
An udderly heifer runs
Despite the water

Back Windy Streets
A heifer udderly runs
at the perfect pace

Heifer hooves raw cracked
but wait there is udderly
Rub heifer hide rub

Want a RUNR sweatshirt
So I am writing an udderly haiku
Just smooth, no rhyme involved

Heifer HaiCow poem
But not a very good one
Udder Cream rules


udderly tickled
I’m just ‘heifer’ the party
With smoothly soft skin

Scratching all day long
dderly sick of dry skin
Need heifer relief

Dry skin, eczema
Feeling like a chapped heifer
@UdderlySmooth rules!

A #Heifer cries out
Crackled skin shudders,
winces Then #UdderlySmooth

Hoofsteps fall like rain
A voice whispered, "Run, Heifer, run,"
A herd, udderly one.

Doth run the heifer
Udderly, surprisingly
It is poetry

Udderly smooth legs
a heifer needs to pamper
loving my soft skin




Anne Stull, whose haiku is:

Scratching all day long
Udderly sick of dry skin
Need heifer relief

Anne, please contact me and I will get your address to send your gift basket!

Thanks to everyone for participating! We had so many awesome haikus, I wish I could share them all!

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