We had SUCH great success with our Million Moo March, that Scott Riecke of Ordinary Marathoner and I are proud to bring you our second ever virtual race:


The Ordinary Marathon is a virtual race organized by the communities of Run, Heifer, Run! and  Ordinary Marathoner.  It is taking place from April 27 – May 6, 2018.  The goal is to make your best effort to run as many miles over those ten days as you can.  Does this mean you have to run a complete 26.2 mile marathon in that time?  No, of course not.   We want you to celebrate along with us and the rest of the running community by getting out there, crushing miles and sharing your stories on the roads and trails through our Facebook Page and/or Twitter Feed.  While you can certainly run on your own, running is so much more fun with a group.  Either way, we love seeing your pictures and watching your triumphs.

Click HERE to register - proceeds to the American Cancer Society!

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