Product Review - Skins Compression Pants and Sports Bra

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Hello in the HeiferHood! It's been a hot minute since I've posted a product review and just on cue, I'm happy to write up a little review on my new Skins DNamic Compression pants and the matching bra.

Now, heifers, I workout a lot. I swim, I bike, I run. (well mostly I whine, but DETAILS.... ) Anyway... I spend a good portion of my life in workout gear. I want to look like a CUTE heifer when I bee-bop around town. I want to feel cute, I want people to check out my pants and swooooooon as if i was one of those hot yoga-pants wearing moms with a perfectly coiffed "messy bun" in line for a triple shot chai mocha latte, extra whip, add soy and leave real estate on top for cream.  I want that to be me.  But... guess what? It's just not. I'll never be "that" woman. But I WILL be a casually decked out heifer on the go whether I'm going out for a little run or to Costco.

Enter: Skins compression pants and matching bra. Oooh la la! I was super happy when my set arrived - LOVE the pattern and the color. The feel to both items is super-soft and comfy.  The pants fit a little tight, but hey, when you're running, and you have a heifer Arse, you kind of WANT your jiggle to be contained. So, it's all good.

The sports bra is absolutely adorbs (I figure "those" yoga-pant wearing ladies use that word, which personally, I cannot stand).... but let me warn you guys - it's a great bra for errands, not so much if you're well-endowed with heifer-size hooters. Just trust me, says the heifer who tried to run upstairs and injured her heiferHooters in the process.

Trust me.

I digress. The pants fit great, now let's talk a little bit about the product.

Yes, I do zip my jacket when I go out. But I wanted to show y'all the bra.

Yes, I do zip my jacket when I go out. But I wanted to show y'all the bra.

From the Skins.Net website:

With bold graphics and athletic designs, SKINS DNAmic range is where function meets fashion. Our advanced Dynamic Gradient Compression technology helps you perform better for longer and recover faster. Designed for women that lead an active lifestyle, the new DNAmic range has all the compression wear you need to reach your fitness peak, look good, and feel great!

SKINS reduces muscle movement and bounce, keeping your body aligned and moving efficiently.

SKINS improves body strength, maintaining your resilience and power throughout your workout.

I really love the outfit. Highly recommend you checkin' them out for yourself. Follow them on social media if you like, here:


IG: skinssportswear




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