Product Review - Under Armour Mtn Running Shoes

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Howdy Heifers! Been a bit since I've done a product review - wanted to shout out to my new favorite trail shoes from Under Armour.

I've never really been a trail runner. Actually most of my life I wasn't even a runner. I was a surfer. A couch surfer. 

But 5 years ago (ish) I began running.  I love it. I hate it. I love to hate it. And I hate to love it.

I'm still new. I'm still learning.  It took me YEARS .... and years.... to find the right shoe for me. I found them... then a year later developed some running related injuries, which meant I had to find yet ANOTHER new shoe that would work for me. I know all you runners out there are nodding in agreement, one injury and you re-evaluate your whole life. Does this shoe make my butt look big? Do these insoles clash with my purse?

These are legit worries. Fo' real.

So, when I decided to do this little upcoming triathlon in Nepal ... I knew I needed some LEGIT trail sneakers. (Follow my journey to Nepal on twitter using #iKahn and follow me @MelissaKahn7).

I was super excited when they arrived in the mail. They looked pretty badass when I opened them up. And if there's anything I like, it's looking like a badass (probably because I'm NOT a badass in real life, so if I can look the part, then, heyHo, even better.)


I know. I can see you all nodding your head.  Badass. 

Anyway - I was super excited to take them out on a little hike. They have a 7mm drop I believe, which is great because the shoes I currently run in have an 8mm drop, so the difference wasn't enough to give me heartburn.

They are super-comfy. Very rigid when I put them on at first, even moreso than regular running shoes - but the more I wore them, the better they felt. I LOVED the feel of the traction on the bottom. Made me feel like I was less likely to oh....say....FALL OFF A MOUNTAIN during a himalayan triathlon. But I digress.

I love them. I do. I love them so much I took some pics with them.  They're firm, but not too firm if that makes sense. They feel nicely cushioned, with "just right" amount of firmness.

This is my BADASS pose.  Just work with me. I'm a nerd.  I don't have much to work with.

This is my BADASS pose.  Just work with me. I'm a nerd.  I don't have much to work with.


So yeah, you can see I really love them. Let's talk tech for a minute. From their website, here are some of the finer details:

Product DNA

  • NEUTRAL: For runners who need flexibility, cushioning & versatility
  • Durable PU & textile upper for breathability & reliable protection
  • Reinforced welded synthetic material in critical areas for increased durability
  • Mesh heel with dual protective welds
  • Molded collar foam package for added comfort
  • Charged Cushioning® foam puck placed under the heel for responsive comfort
  • Lightweight, full-length EVA midsole for optimal cushioning
  • High traction rubber lug outsole for dependable traction on a variety of conditions
  • Offset: 7mm
  • Weight: 9.2 oz.
  • Imported


They're fantastic shoes for what they are.  I'm not in love with the color. They remind me of shoes I used to wear at my very first job as a grocery bagger, back in the day, at Publix, in Orlando, FL..... but I think that's more of a mental block for me than anyone else. They're badass, and these shoes will get me thru the bike and run portion of the triathlon next weekend in Nepal, so I say UA MTN OR BUST!!!!

If you'd like to follow them on social media, you can find them here:

T: @UAMtnRunning

IG: UAMtnRunning



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