REVIEW: COROS PACE Multisport Watch

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HEIFERS! It's been a hot minute since I've written a product review ... guess what time it is?? No. Not tool time. (Am I dating myself?: Tim the Tool Man Taylor...yeah, ok, let's move along.... I'm old, just say it)

I was super excited, having just completed a triathlon (read about it HERE) with not even so much as a fitbit. The horror. I know, you're all anxiously looking for the EXIT BLOG button right now. But wait...there's more....

Phew, you're still here. Keep reading. No really. I like good blog stats.

I was really excited when I opened the package and found this really awesome watch. Now, peeps. I never had a garmin scharmin, I Never had a super cool Ironman thingy watch. I'm just a heifer. Trying to finish a triathlon (unsuccessfully, I may add, LOL).... so this thing... this watch gave me STREET CRED I tell you. Here's a few of my photos ... it does some seriously cool stuff. 

I will leave the technical details to the website (HERE) and just tell you some of the cooler features that I thought were neato-burrito (why oh why does everything have to be about food?) 

First, let's start with the band. Not only does it come in a few colors - but hello super comfortable watch-band! Where have you been all my life? There are a billion and 15 holes from which to choose (ok slight exaggeration). For someone with an evidently hard wrist size to fit properly, this was a big deal. So yeah - bonus points, Coros, bonus points.


Next up let's talk about directionally challenged athletes (read: ME). I could not find my way out of a paper bag if I tried. No, really, it'd be difficult. Help. It's very dark in here and I am craving tacos. Someone help me. 

COROS to the rescue. See below. This bad-boy (or girl, really) tells me exactly which way I'm facing, going, pointing - it was so much fun really that I Stood there walking in circles just to try and throw it off.  Guess what? It was accurate. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

Coros, I think I might wanna put a ring on it and make it official. I may love you.


Finally, let's talk about battery life. Um.... this thing lasts for 14 years before needing a charge. Another slight exaggeration. I wore it for days upon days --- and it lasted about 6-7 days before needing a charge. That's some serious power on your wrist, heifers.


Technically speaking - this is a great multi sport watch for any triathlete or fitness enthusiast.  The website touts:

Accurate Elevation Readings

We know the importance of data accuracy, that's why the PACE features a barometric altimeter.  Unlike most smartwatches which use GPS to measure elevation changes, our barometer will use the Earth's atmospheric pressure to determine your altitude.

This is crucial for cyclists and trail runners who need accurate elevation points while making those double-digit grade climbs.

For working out - especially running - what I like about this watch is you can select from indoor, outdoor, triathlon, etc.... It's got great functionality and appears to keep extremely accurate data. It syncs well with Strava, which of course is a must for most athletes. #StravaOrBust ... or something.

With the app, you get tons of feedback - calories burned, heart rate, you can look back at your previous workout history, etc.

It's got two hooves way up from this heifer - The watch currently retails for $299.99 and is available through Amazon.

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