Lend a Helping Hoof Campain - and Hey, Where's The Head Heifer Been, Anyway?

I apologize.

This one is long overdue, heifers.

You've noticed my absence, some of you, on social media - my twitter has been on Auto-Pilot for the most part - my facebook group has been wondering "WTF" as in Where's The Freakin' Head Heifer?

I'm here. I'm struggling. I've been held up by some amazing wonderful friends, and some anonymous ones too, during a pretty serious time of change/despair/emotion/etc. This has been the hardest chapter in my life. I've not shared, except maybe privately with a few of you who've reached out to me personally noticing something was 'off.'

What's the deal? You all deserve honesty. You deserve transparency. You deserve to hear it from me.

I came home from Nepal, and after a 20 year marriage that unfortunately was not working, I asked my husband for a divorce.

That was fun. The fallout was fun. The ongoing emotional roller coaster, the uncertainty, the change in everything from where we'd been living, to the 4 kids, to everything - ALL CHANGED.


It's personal. It's been devastating on many levels and cleansing on those same levels. In order to maintain a sense of decorum and dignity and respect, I will not expound on that.


First, I'm sharing because I'm a pretty private person.  I know you're all shaking your heads. You've read about my childhood trauma - my sexual abuse - the childhood neglect and the fallout from all of those. But you read about then WELL AFTER they happened. Well after I had recovered and moved on.

I'm not one to openly share personal dirty laundry on the HeiferHood page until the lessons have been learned, the details sorted out, and the movement is in a forward, peaceful motion. Peace in every step.

That's why I'm starting this LEND A HELPING HOOF CAMPAIGN.

During my time of need over the last two months - no matter WHAT that need was  ... many of you reached out to me in different ways - some sent dinner to my new house, some sent Amazon gift cards for toilet paper, some sent shampoo for my girls. SO MANY of you reached out, with any little or big gesture, to say I'M HERE, I LOVE YOU, YOU'RE NOT ALONE.

Those gestures made a huge difference to me. They still do.  So here's the thing.

It's time to crawl out from under my rock, rejoin the land of the living, and start making a difference in the lives of everyone around me, the HeiferHood, who has in many ways held me up over the last few months.

Each month, we are going to ask for you to NOMINATE A HEIFER IN NEED. In the spirit of Run, Heifer, Run... we are paying some heiferLove forward.

Who can you nominate? Anyone. Do you know a single mom or dad in need? Someone who is going through a rough patch in life and is in need of a gentle helping hand up? A teacher whose classroom needs supplies for underprivileged children? A grandma who is raising her grandkids for various reasons? Someone with ongoing health issues who just needs a helping hoof?

Our ENTIRE HeiferHood community was founded on and is based on the idea of helping each other. There is NO better way to LEND A HELPING HOOF than to let someone know you care, others care, and they're not alone. I know this now from personal experience.


Each month we will raffle off a donated prize. This month's prize is AAAAHMAZING - details below. You can purchase raffle tickets HERE. One ticket buys you one chance to win, two tickets buys you two chances, etc.. and there are some bigger chances to win as well.

We will choose a winner at the end of each month after HUGELY OBNOXIOUSLY PROMOTING THIS campaign all over social media (and we encourage you to do the same, because it just feels GOOD to lend a helping hoof to someone in need).

The winner will be chosen by a committee  made up of fellow heifers.  The funds from purchased raffle tickets will be sent to the heifer chosen by our committee.  The prize will then be raffled off between everyone who purchased tickets.

This month's amazing prize was donated last year by Rock Your Messages. It's a beautiful sterling silver chain necklace with the message "INSPIRE."






Click HERE to donate and LEND A HELPING HOOF. You will be entered into the raffle to win this amazing necklace -and the proceeds will be sent to this month's heifer in need.

This month's heifer asked to remain anonymous - her story is one of tragedy after losing her husband unexpectedly, and trying to now support her children on limited funds and no access to health care, etc. She has taken on two part time jobs to bring in some money but has no healthcare for her kids - and is struggling to pay her electricity, etc.

She has asked to remain anonymous but is a frequent contributing member of our HeiferHood community in the facebook group ... she's not been too public about her situation but after she reached out to me - I knew we had our first Heifer-In-Waiting.

Please, purchase a raffle ticket for your chance to win this beautiful necklace, and LEND A HELPING HOOF.

If you'd like to nominate someone for the next campaign or you're a vendor who'd like to donate a raffle prize, send that info over to me at melissa@runheiferrun.com.


Thank you ALL for the support you've shown ME during this transitional time in my life  - it's time to pay it forward and show the world what the HeiferHood is capable of... love, respect, and lending a helping hoof.


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