KaKookies - A Review on Heaven's Answer To Snacking


No. Really.

ERMAGAWD.  Y'all know I save that sentiment for things that realllllly get my attention.  Y'all know I subscribe to 43 jillion (yes that's a legit number, I googled it) runner delivery boxes, and that I'm always up for trying new items.

Full disclosure: I can't REMEMBER where I found my first KaKookie. Was in in a runner delivery box? A race swag bag? Fell straight from heaven? I can't say. All I know is that I put it into my "healthy food bag" in the fridge where it sat for maybe a week? Two weeks?

Then one fateful day... I was hungry. Hangry even. I just came back from a run (ok who are we kidding, I was eating donut samples at the supermarket) and was still hungry.  Don't judge. Rough time in my life.

I opened the fridge and found this....

Boundary Waters Blueberry

Boundary Waters Blueberry

Now here's the thing. I'm NOT a heath food junkie. I am a self-professed donut-eating, cookie loving maniac.  Get this though.  These KaKookies - they TASTE like actual comfort food. Cookies your grandma made in the middle of winter, to warm not just your belly, but your heart.

Ok cue the Hallmark commercial, I know. But SERIOUSLY, heifers. This KaKookie is KaKRAZZZZZZZY good.

On first bite it's nice and moist and then you feel like you're eating a blueberry muffin made with love. I'm not even kidding. THEY DON'T PAY ME TO SAY THIS STUFF, I SWEAR!!!

I was so in love, so so in love, that I did something slightly out of character - I emailed them and asked them if I could try their sample pack. Because if THIS ONE was so good - I mean, come on. The others had to rock-my-socks off.

Guess what? My BFFs over there took mercy on this heifer - and in the mail a few days later, look what appeared:



Are we for reals here???? Eight cookies - all for   ME ME ME !  (disclaimer: I DID SHARE, I promise, with  only my bestest buddies)

Here's a few pics of the goodness:



Here's the deal, heifers. These KaKookies are KaLEGIT.  Healthy, superfood ingredients that DON'T taste like nasty vegan health food that Spongebob would eat (sorry Vegans, I mean no offense, I just can't eat seaweed, I tried.. I Really did....oreos on the other hand...) They are soft, chewy, and oh-so-delicious, leaving a party in your mouth.  I swear, they didn't tell me to say that - BUT IT'S TRUE!!!

The dark chocolate cranberry one has a really lovely sweetness from the cranberries, then the dark chocolate kicks in. It's crumbly --- but not DRY if that makes sense. Just a melody of goodness. Really genius.  Great job guys. Great job!

I digress. From the KaKookies website, here's a little blurb on this goodness we call KaKookies:


No artificial sweeteners, flavors, or preservatives. No flour substitutes, protein powders, liquid sweeteners, or egg/dairy replacements. Just pure, real food ingredients.

My newest BFFs over there are kind enough to offer a 10% discount on your own purchase, using discount code RUNHEIFERRUN.

Give them a try - I really think you'll enjoy them. My favorite has to be the cranberry Almond. You get the moist cookie texture, then the almond flavor kicks in. The blueberry is a close second, for sure. Ok so is the cashew. See my issue?

I think I need to end this blog post and go eat my last one.

Do yourself a favor - try out a sample pack with the RUNHEIFERRUN discount - and leave a little comment on what you think of them. THey're great during a run break (not too heavy in your belly) and definitely on a bike ride). Or in the car. Or at night while you're laying in bed binge watching El Chapo on netflix.

Just sayin'.

GET SOME. Your body will thank you. Comfort food that is actually good for you. Who knew!!!! Thank you KaKookies!!!!





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