What's MOO at Run, Heifer, Run! lately! Get it? Moo? New? HAHAHA Ok, so anyway.....

Heifers! It’s been a few hot minutes since my last post - but lots has been brewing here behind the scenes in good old HeiferLand. We’re slowly coming back into the land of the living…. YAY! Finally!


I’ve launched a new PODCAST (click HERE for our latest podcast, with the one and only Bart Yasso, the most famous gracious humble man in the running industry!)…. and subscribe to our channel. Our podcast is called #RunForYourLifePodcast and can be found on iTunes. My cohost is the one and only Shannon LeLievre Pierangelii.

To follow our FACEBOOK PAGE, click HERE as well.

We are all about running away from what’s been holding you BACK, and running towards a new life, one you can be proud of, embrace, and be your best self. All of the people we interview have some inspiration to share, some great knowledge, many times sports related tips and tricks to help you perform your best.

We are VERY proud to currently be sponsored by FureverHomeRunning and Greecie GIrl Headbands . We have a few sponsorship slots left - if you are interested please contact me - melissa@runheiferrun.com and I’ll get back to you asap!

In the meantime, subscribe to our podcast, and enjoy. Here are a few of our podcasts that we’ve launched…

We interviewed the one and only Jeff Fleming HERE. He thinks nothing of going out and running one hundred miles. ONE HUNDRED MILES. Yeah, he’s nuts. To find him on twitter, click HERE. He’s one of the most encouraging people out there - always a kind word and a heart of gold.

We also interviewed one of our sponsors, Furever Home Running, spending some time talking with co-founder Scott Frasard. He, along with his incredible wife Mead, are doing amazing things combining fitness and their love of helping to rescue animals at risk. Have a listen HERE.


We also interviewed a nutritionist, Nikki Golly, who filled us in on our favorite F word ever (FIBER!). Have a listen to that one HERE and follow Nikki’s page on Facebook HERE.

There’s a few others, and we have many more in the works, already recorded and set to post weekly, so make sure you download, subscribe, and share our podcast with your friends. The more, the merrier.

Stay healthy, heifer, and keep running for your life!

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