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When people think of field hockey, one of the first things that they are likely to think of is the different equipment that is needed to play it. From the necessary match day and training apparel to the required safety gear, a hockey player’s kitbag is likely to be full with all manner of different items of equipment.

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In this article, we are going to take a look at just a few of the key pieces of field hockey equipment that would be required by someone who had decided to take up the sport for the first time and incorporate it into their fitness program. After all, it is certainly a great way to stay healthy. 

Hockey stick

When someone thinks of hockey, and field hockey equipment, they are likely to think of the hockey stick first of all. What many people may not know is that there are a number of different types of hockey sticks. These often deviate from each other in terms of the shape of the “hook” at the end of the stick, with slightly different shapes better suiting different types of players who occupy different positions. In general terms however, the stick is usually between 80 and 95 centimetres long and made of wood, fibreglass, Kevlar, and/or carbon fibre composites.

Hockey shoes

Almost all field hockey is now played on Astroturf pitches, and so studs and boots similar to those worn for football are no longer usually required. Instead, more trainer-esque shoes are worn, offering grip and protection, even in wet and damp conditions. Made by some of the biggest sporting brands around, including Adidas, Mizuno and Asics, players can play in the confidence that they are wearing good quality, safe footwear while they are on the field.

Hockey gloves

Though they are not a mandatory item of kit for a field hockey player, gloves can still offer participants important protection. Hockey is a competitive and hard fought game – there are plenty of instances in every single match where there will be “coming-togethers” between players, and with 22 individuals charging around the pitch with a big, heavy stick in their hands, these padded gloves can offer security and a sense of security to those wearing them.

Gum shield 

Field hockey might not be the first sport associated with the players having to wear a gum shield. However, when you think about it, playing hockey has a number of potential situations where the mouth or teeth could be at risk. The ball can sometimes fly up into the air, flailing limbs can catch teammates or opponents, and sticks can even accidentally make contact with the mouth and face. A professionally fitted mouth guard or gum shield is the best way to ensure that no long lasting damage is caused to the mouth or teeth.

If you buy those items, you’re good to go. 

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