#MondaysWithMelissa - Fitting It All In

Today's #MondaysWithMelissa question was a great one - how do you fit it all in - being a mom/wife, a taxi driver, dinner maker, cleaning lady,  dog walker, mail getter, PLUS exercising?

The bottom line, heifers? There are 24 hours in each of our days.  Some of us are better at time management than others - I admit to falling short in a few areas - but exercise is one of my 'hard limit' rules.  If I don't find time for ME - how can I function as a better wife, a better mom, etc? If I don't take care of my health, how will I take care of my kids? How will I care for my family?

You can surely find 30 minutes sometime during your day to do SOMETHING good for your health.  You can do wall-sits while you're waiting for your pasta to boil.  You can do calf-raises in the kitchen while you're cooking dinner for the family.

You can get out and run a few laps around the track while your kids are at soccer practice. You can do the same while your kids are at dance class.

You can make better choices with your food (hey, we all can, says this guilty heifer who may have overindulged in French Toast Casserole last night for dinner, whoops.... ) 

Bottom line - we can ALL do better, and we can ALL find SOME time during each of our 24 hours to devote to our own health and wellness.  

It's not selfish, either. I've heard so many comments today on twitter, and facebook, saying that moms particularly, feel selfish if they "make time for themselves."  I ask you this - if YOU don't make the time for you, who will make it for you? Nobody.  You have to claim the time for your own health.  And what will you find? You'll actually have MORE energy once you get healthy.  You'll have renewed zest for life - which will carry over into so many other areas of your life. 

Why exercise?? Why NOT exercise? 

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