Outdoor Sports You Can Love

Howdy Heifers! Y'all know I love a good guest blog post every now and then! My friends over at Skateboard Guide contacted me a few months ago asking if they could submit a blog post for the HeiferHood... so without further adieu... here's a little something from them: 

Different Types of Outdoor Sports You Can Learn To Love


“Outdoor sports” ...  the phrase which when heard or read firstly creates an impression of lots of running, sweat, body exercise, team, and risks. Each of us is accustomed to various types of outdoor sports from childhood. From way back in childhood, we all had been fond of various outdoor sports whether it be football, hide and seek, rugby, cricket and much more. Each of us has some personal fondness to particular games. Within last few years, outdoor sports have reached a new edge of excitement. People all around the world are experimenting their potential of fear. Mountain climbing, skiing on the roughest edges of the mountains, roller sports is now among the most loved games. Few outdoor sports that anyone can learn to love very soon are:

•    Cycling: Cycling is a sport which can be taken to the higher level to experience huge adrenaline rush through the veins. To experience this level of adventure, sportsmen are now practicing this sport in the stiffs of the mountains, rushing through the beautiful yet risky white snows. Cycling keeps the body fit and provides huge muscular development in legs. Cycling is an outdoor sport which has recognition in Olympic and CommonWealth games. Love for this sport can provide worldwide fame too and a perfect toned up physique.

•    Mountain Climbing: This is a new kind of sport which is now in trend and is creating a lot of interest among the athletes of people of all ages. Mountain climbing is an outdoor sport which has a huge adventurous touch in it. Due to the huge craze of this sports, various campaigns and training schools where anyone can get trained to experience the huge excitement and adventure of moving through the mountains. Various equipment is now in the market which has made the sport much easier and safer. Even children too can experience the fun of mountain climbing. This is one of the most loved games of the fitness freak people as it burns 818 calories per hour.

•       Soccer / Rugby: These type of sports has always helped the players to develop the muscular strength and prevent themselves from cardiac and respiratory problems. This sport helps in increasing the mentality of the team spirit among them. The eye to leg coordination becomes too strong in this type of sport.  Soccer or rugby requires a lot of running and results in a huge amount of calorie loss in each match. Soccer is one of the sports which indulges huge amount of money in it.

•      Roller Sports: Roller sports are one of the most loved games among the young and middle-aged people. Roller sports has created a huge craze among the riders since 1965. It adds a good punch of adventure in the riders’ lives. Skating through the crowded traffic signals, beautifully sliding on the ice and performing the smooth moves, rushing through the goal on the ice creates mesmerizing effects in the minds’ of the athletes and also the viewers. There are different types of best rollerblades which are made for the various purposes. There are the different mechanism in the rollerblades for rushing through the smooth roads or harsh tracks or on the ice. This sport increases huge flexibility among the riders and provides huge gymnastic skills. Rollerblades that are raging high in the market are recreational inline skates (these are the most popular skates), roller hockey inline skates, fitness inline skates, racing inline skates, urban street skates, shop urban skates and fitness inline skates. Each skate is created for their particular purpose. The mechanism of the skates does depend on the base on which it would be used.

•    Downhill Mountain Biking: This is a new kind of sport which is high in trend. It burns 632 calories per hour. One of the famous athlete in this sport is Rachel Atherton. She says “It’s like nothing else on Earth.” This sport has been listed in World Cup too. This kind of sport is tremendously good for health. This sport is extremely good for cardiac muscles.

Each sport has its own punch of joy and adventure indulged among it. Each outdoor sports not only provides fitness yet it creates a sportsman spirit in each and every players’ minds. Sportsman spirit is highly necessary for each of us as it teaches us how to work as a team and for the team. Health is the actual wealth each individual possesses. So enjoy and explore a wide range of outdoor sport to keep yourself young and cheerful always.

Guest Blogger (and Boston Marathon Finisher) Stu Weiner...on Running

Heifers! As I mentioned a few days ago --- a new feature that I'm excited to roll out this year is the addition of guest bloggers!  


Like, REALLY excited!

Like, REALLY excited!

Today's guest blogger is someone who inspires me.  He's a runner, he's a family guy, he's just a guy who decided one day to join a fitness boot camp, then became a superstaaaaah runner.

You will all get the opportunity to follow along on Stu's Boston Marathon journey, as he's promised to update us as he trains and then finishes the race.  Join me in offering a hearty Heifer welcome to Stu Weiner.  

Here's his first post:

Hi all and welcome to my journey to another Boston marathon finish line. I am in week 3 of training for Boston and quickly building up mileage. I am headed out for my long run of 10 miles this weekend and expect to build up to 16 miles over the next three weeks so you can say it is becoming as I call it "Heavy lifting" time where mileage increases up to the 20 mile runs in February and March. Speaking of heavy lifting, have you ever done a HIIT class as part of your cross training routine?

For those who don't know it stands for High Intensity Interval Training and it is awesome for building endurance and toning and strengthening your body through the use of free weights, kettle bells, TRX, med balls and other kinds of exercises including jump squats, split squats, and Burpees to name a few. I incorporate this along with a spin class and run 4x a week. Usually my weekly run distance is 6-7 miles followed by long run Saturday and then a short recovery run on Sunday. Speaking of Saturday long runs, after the first of the year my running club will be doing organized training runs on the Boston marathon course and with all the runners out there it is both motivating and energizing! Well, until next week, the boy from Baahhston looks forward to hitting the roads en route to another week of fun training!