Join us! Get all the perks of mooooooving along with us on the journey to fitter bodies and minds! Send an email to our Founder and let us know what brought you here and how you want to connect. Tell us your story. And while you’re at it, be sure to attach a photo or two for our Heifer wall. We are proud of our herd! We want to hear from you, connect with you and listen to your story, the one that goes way back and the one you’re living today.


Once you've joined, head on over the the Heifer-Wear shop and grab some Heifer-gear! Whether it's a tech shirt, or a Heifer headband, we've got you covered! New items are being added every few weeks - stop back often to see what we've added! And of course, the best part, share as many selfies as you like, in your Heifer-Wear! We're all proud to be Heifers!