A Jenny Craig brand ambassador, triathlete, half-marathon runner, and mother of four, founded the online community Run, Heifer, Run! as a way to connect and encourage others who are on the journey to healthier and happier lives, one step or mile at a time. Five years ago, Melissa got serious about her health and lost over 110 pounds, worked her way up to running races and even completed a triathlon. She cleaned up her diet, shed weight and ultimately found a fitness enthusiast underneath her extra baggage.


When Melissa first began running, she had a lot to carry, physically and emotionally. Her friend, in light-hearted jest, told Melissa. "RUN, HEIFER, RUN!" With those words, an idea was sparked. Support was needed with the general belief that a person with an extra 100+ pounds couldn't possibly run a block let alone a half-marathon or triathlon.

Run, Heifer, Run is a blog as well as a community. The extremely active group is based on honesty, laughter, encouragement and the belief that all have the opportunity to make their bodies stronger and lives better. They are a glorious hodgepodge of exercise enthusiasts, recovering food addicts, marathon runners, slow joggers, diet gurus and everyday folks.

Run, Heifer, Run is full of practical tips and advice for living a healthier life from recipe ideas, workout suggestions, articles on developing healthy habits, overcoming food addiction and eating disorders, as well as how to prep for races. There are also wonderful stories of support through painful experiences and everyday achievements that they share and celebrate together.