Interview with Scott Riecke

Heifers,  I had the honor of being interviewed once again, this time by Scott Riecke (@OrdMarathoner on twitter)  who had a few questions for me on my weight loss, running, and the whole idea of Run, Heifer, Run! It's a 39-ish minute interview have a listen:  Click on the "Podcast #25" below to play it!

When your podcast hits the quarter-century mark, you have have to bring in a special guest to help you celebrate.  For us, that guest is Melissa Kahn, founder of the Run Heifer Run community.  After losing 110 pounds, Melissa became a spokesperson for Jenny Craig and has kept the weight off.  In part, she has accomplished this through running.  Her friend challenged her to run her very first race a few years ago – but not a 5k or even a 10k.  Melissa jumped in with both feet, starting her running career with a half-marathon!  She’s crazy!

She began developing her web-based community the past couple of years – and has gathered quite the Herd of Heifers!  (She assures me this is not an insult.)  This community of runners spans the entire spectrum of experience in the sport, from novice to expert.  If you have questions about running, someone there will have the answer or know how to get it.  Definitely check it out, and thank you so much Melissa for coming on the podcast.