Interview with the One and ONLY Bruce Van Horn

Oh Heifers! Did you ever meet someone and you just KNOW they're good people? That's how it was when I met Bruce.  If you haven't heard of him, check him out HERE.  He's just one of the most positive forces I've ever come in contact with.  Have a listen here.  


LIAM 322 – Thank You For Calling Me Fatso with Melissa Kahn

by Bruce Van Horn on February 27, 2017 in podcast

By the time I finished reading an article titled Thank You for Calling Me “Fatso” by Melissa Kahn, I was simultaneously in tears of sadness for the pain she endured and exuberantly proud to be a human being living on the same planet with her. I also knew, immediately, that I would have Melissa be a guest on this podcast to talk about her experience of being bullied because of her weight and, most importantly, how and why she turned her life around to support and encourage others. Listen to our inspiring conversation:

Bruce Van Horn - Life is a Marathon

Bruce Van Horn - Life is a Marathon