Interview With Mark Purnell, Announcer for Rock 'n Roll Series Marathon

Oh Heifers! What a fun few weeks I've been having over here in the HeiferHood!

After my article Thank You For Calling Me Fatso went live, I've received so many emails and phone calls from SO many people, saying how it touched them in some way or another, and how, after reading it, they felt more empowered to tell THEIR own story.  What power in being vulnerable.

I was asked to be on Mark Purnell's broadcast - something which was just so much fun! Mark is the announcer for the Rock n Roll race series, as well as numerous other races - and he's kind of a badass athlete himself - I'm embedding the link below, to our interview, for those of you who want to take a listen.   Most runners know his energizing voice. 

Mark is an inspiration himself - and it was an HONOR to be interviewed!  I'll be spending more time with Mark in the upcoming weeks and months, so be sure to check back for updated podcast/webcast links!

Please have a listen!