A little Chat with Scott from Ordinary Marathoner

I can't lie, heifers. He's one of my favorites. He's the big brother I never wanted.  (Actually I think I'm older than him, so yeah...)  Scott had a very last minute cancellation, and had nobody else available on his A,B,C--->XYZ list... so he called me and of course, yanno, I had nothing else going on... so I was happy to chat with him for a bit.  Here's our podcast, below - as we chatted about #yellowshirtguy, racing (he asked me "DO YOU EVEN TRAIN?") and a few other fun topics:


Podcast #42 – Melissa Kahn

Her Heiferness, the Head Heifer herself, Melissa Kahn, is back for an encore guest appearance on the podcast.

Since we last spoke in Episode #25, “The Herd” at Run, Heifer, Run has grown exponentially and Facebook is all abuzz.  Melissa is getting the word out and people are responding.  She will even be a featured speaker at the Buffalo Marathon in late May.  We wish her the best of luck.  

Thanks for coming on the podcast with such short notice, Melissa!