My Podcast with 300 Pounds and Running - Martinus

When my friend Martinus of 300 Pounds and Running called me, and asked me to be a guest on his podcast, how could I say no? This guy is the PICTURE of inspiration.  




300PAR 018: “Run, Heifer, Run!” How Melissa Kahn lost 110 pounds!

Alright, goal crushers in this episode we talk with Melissa Kahn. Melissa is the founder of Run, Heifer, Run Blog.  The blog covers all things that involve Melissa’s weight and health journey. Run, Heifer, Run is a community that connects and shares tips but most importantly it is about laughter. Melissa believes that if we can’t laugh at ourselves and cut the bull, we can’t become better versions of who we are and who we’re destined to be. In this podcast, Melissa talks to us about who she is, her relationship with running, and lastly, she gives new runners advice to help them crush their goals.

You just can’t give up! Not every day is stellar but if you are consistent and persistent you can do anything! -Melissa Kahn

Show Notes

  • 0:58 – Who is Melissa Kahn? – “We all have the magic within ourselves.”

  • 1:45 – Learn about Melissa weight loss/gain story.

  • 3:32 – Call to Action: Learn when Melissa decided it was time to get on track and take her life back!
  • 4:58 – Discover how Melissa discovered running. “ On my first run, I died 16 times in the first 20 seconds.”
  • 7:36 – Melissa talks about the obstacles she ran into early in her running journey. – “When I ran my first race I felt like an imposter”.
  • 11:14 – Learn how Melissa got involved with Jenny Craig. “The biggest gift I received from participating in Jenny Craig was my health.”
  • 15:23 – Learn how running has impacted other aspects of Melissa’s life. – “Running is a metaphor for life…one foot in front of the next!”
  • 20:23 – Melissa talks about her most challenging race and what she learned from it.
  • 22:41 – Melissa’s favorite product!
  • 24:20 – Melissa gives advice to her younger/past self. – “You matter”
  • 26:14 – Melissa gives advice to those that are new to running. – “ You have nothing to lose.”
  • 30:19 – Melissa gives her favorite weight loss and running resources.
  • 32:02 – Melissa talks about her blog –  run, heifer, run
  • 35:06 – Learn what new projects Melissa is working on…hint..hint…A book is coming!
  • 37:10 – Melissa’s fitness goals
  • 39:41 – Words of wisdom from Melissa and how to contact her. –  “Don’t be afraid to start!”

Resources Mentioned during the Podcast