Who We Are


Run, Heifer, Run is, at heart, a community. We are a group of people who’ve come together to celebrate our victories, share tips and tricks for living healthier lives and pick each other up after life’s inevitable setbacks.  Because y’all know as well as I do, life is gonna hand us some cow dung every once in a while.

Our community is based on honesty, laughter, encouragement and the belief that we all have the chance and the responsibility to make our bodies stronger and our lives better. We do this through healthy diets, consistent exercise, loads of rest and tons of support. We do this by handling our bull. We do this as individuals and as a group, because we all understand that as powerful as we are on our own, we are stronger as a herd. We are a glorious hodge-podge of exercise enthusiasts, recovering food addicts, marathon runners, slow joggers, diet gurus and everyday folks.

Run, Heifer, Run is full of practical tips and advice for living a healthier life from recipe ideas, workout suggestions, articles on developing healthy habits and product reviews on all the gear you need to get and stay fit. We also like to include occasional ramblings about life in a world where, as Rosanne Barr once said, “Half the people are starving, and the other half are trying to lose weight.” We talk shop (food addiction, meal planning, eating disorders, prepping for marathons and races)  and we talk stories (painful experiences and everyday achievements), and in the end, we remember the cardinal rule for all heifers: never take yourself too seriously!

To join the herd and get all the perks of mooooooving along with us on the journey to fitter bodies and minds, fire off an email to our Founder.  Let us know what brought you here and how you want to connect. Tell us your story. And while you’re at it, be sure to attach a photo for our Heifer wall. We are proud of our herd! We want to hear from you, connect with you and listen to your story, the one that goes way back and the one you’re living today.